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20 Jun 2005, 01:14pm by Aaron Schatz

Football Commentary: Clock-Management Value of Timeouts

With the help of a lot of math, William Krasker looks to answer the question "How valuable is a timeout, anyway?" The basic summary is that the clock-management value of a timeout is not particularly large in most situations, but is still large enough to call into question some of the common uses of timeouts, such as avoiding delay of game or discussing strategy. For a more advanced look, click on the link.

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20 comments, Last at 22 Jun 2005, 4:33pm by Larry

15 Jun 2005, 10:45am by Aaron Schatz

Split End Job is Engram's to Lose

Could a Football Outsiders favorite finally be getting another chance at a starting job? I'd be very interested to see what happens if Engram starts -- will he be as good as his DVOA ratings from the past couple years might indicate, or will he be exposed as someone who only plays well when in a specific, limited role, like Josh Reed or Az Hakim?

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13 Jun 2005, 12:12pm by Aaron Schatz

MMQB: Dynasty Divined

I love ya, Pete, but it may be time for an intervention.

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132 comments, Last at 22 Jun 2005, 8:14pm by Richie

11 Jun 2005, 11:26pm by Aaron Schatz

Hadley Crosses the Line by Working for Rams, Too

Interesting story here about a St. Louis talk show host who has taken a job with the Rams as "'director of research and Internet consultant" while still remaining on air -- giving his opinions about the team that he now works for. I'm a little curious to speak to this John Hadley fellow, given that part of his job includes statistical analysis.

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10 comments, Last at 13 Jun 2005, 12:28pm by Carl

10 Jun 2005, 02:05pm by Aaron Schatz

Wristbands Take Sweat out of Calling Plays

Yes, but what about leg warmers and headbands? If we're gonna go 80s, let's go it right.

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3 comments, Last at 13 Jun 2005, 2:19pm by Trogdor

07 Jun 2005, 02:27pm by Aaron Schatz

Ricky's Run Already Ended

Hey, it's another one of "Aaron Schatz's Greatest Hits," now updated with more damning anti-Ricky numbers for a brand new audience.

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06 Jun 2005, 01:09pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Analyst Named Miami GM

I just want to thank everyone for reading Football Outsiders over the past two years. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that goofing around with numbers on my computer would lead to such big things in such little time. FO will go on, I'm handing the keys over to Mike Smith and Russ ... wait a minute, Randy Mueller? Former Saints GM Randy Mueller? Ah, nuts. Honey, call the real estate agent and cancel, I'll go mow the lawn now.

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03 Jun 2005, 03:44pm by Aaron Schatz

NFL's All Shark-Jumping Team

My idea of balance: a fun SI.com article to go with the silly one linked below. Andrew Perloff lists his team of veterans who finished their careers as subpar players with different teams than the ones that made them famous. Not just Rice, but Namath, Emmitt, Jackie Smith, Forest Gregg, etc. I forgot about Mike Webster in Kansas City. Perloff also reaches a little when he gets to defense and special teams: he doesn't pick a kicker and he picks Todd Sauerbrun as the punter (he'll be great in Denver if everyone just ignores him).

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03 Jun 2005, 11:54am by Aaron Schatz

Dynamic Dozen

This has to be the worst list of fantasy sleepers I've ever seen. It is based on players who have increased their performance the last two years, since of course increased performance over a three-year period means a player will get even better in the fourth year. Peak performance? I've never heard of this. Loss of role on team? I have no idea what you are talking about. Age? Ain't nothing but a number.

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01 Jun 2005, 02:12pm by Aaron Schatz

49ers' Personal Foul

Oh, this is not going to turn out well. Last year after the 49ers were forced to undergo "diversity training," PR director Kirk Reynolds put together a video to help players learn how to interact with the city of San Francisco -- featuring racial humor, jabs at Mayor Gavin Newsom, a spoof of gay marriage, and a trio of topless blondes frolicking with Reynolds. Now there's scandal in the Bay Area and Reynolds is looking for another job.

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