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01 Mar 2006, 07:52pm by Aaron Schatz

Broncos cut Pryce, Putzier and Anderson

Bloody Thursday begins early. Three starters from the AFC West champion Broncos, gone. I think they had to do something no matter what happened to the CBA, as very few teams needed to cut more salary to get under the cap than Denver did. By the way, Stephen Alexander started more games than Jeb Putzier did? Putzier is clearly the better player.

Also cut so far around the league: Sam Adams in Buffalo and Stephen Davis, Brenson Buckner and He Hate Me (sniff, how sad) in Carolina.

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24 Feb 2006, 10:04am by Aaron Schatz

Alexander Wants Monster Deal

You have to scroll down for this one, since ProFootballTalk.com doesn't have permalinks. I honestly have nothing to say about Alexander right now but I wanted to point out that Mike Florio used the phrase "running backs are regarded as fungible." Dammit, Mike, fungible is *our* word!

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22 Feb 2006, 05:58pm by Aaron Schatz

Colts Take Wayne off the Market

Well, that takes care of the best available wide receiver, not counting T.O. It's a six-year deal, $13.5 million in bonus money. Like most NFL contracts, I have no idea how much money that really ends up as. I also don't know how the Colts manage to fit all these offensive stars under the cap -- if someone knows a link to a page with Indy salary cap data, please put it in the comments. This also means that the Colts don't have to tag Wayne as the franchise player, so they could tag Edgerrin James for one more year if they felt like it.

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22 Feb 2006, 02:56pm by Aaron Schatz

2005 Football Outsiders Awards, Part II

Football Outsiders presents its third annual awards, voted on by you the readers. Part II features the best and worst announcers, writers, and ads, plus the funniest moment of the year and the 2006 inductees to the Fantasy Football Hall of Fame.

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21 Feb 2006, 05:59pm by Aaron Schatz

2005 Football Outsiders Awards, Part I

Football Outsiders presents its third annual awards, voted on by you the readers. Shaun Alexander as MVP? Shawne Merriman as Rookie of the Year? Football Outsiders readers would like to respectfully disagree. Plus, read about your choices for the most overrated and underrated players in the NFL, and the award that you'll only find here at FO: the Keep Choppin' Wood Award.

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06 Feb 2006, 05:15pm by Aaron Schatz

Quick Reads: Super Bowl XL

Learn just how much Tom Rouen sucks. Plus my feelings on the officiating, edited for the general public. If Pittsburgh fans want to continue to take issue with that in this thread, that's fine, but don't expect a response. I'm sick of trying to convince people that I'm not a Seahawks fan.

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03 Feb 2006, 07:12pm by Aaron Schatz

Top Tackles in Super Bowl History

I thought that every "Best Ever in Super Bowl History" list had been done. Thanks, Elliott Kalb, for proving me wrong with an article that does not suck. Tennessee fans should consult a doctor before clicking this link.

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03 Feb 2006, 01:54am by Aaron Schatz

Super Bowl XL Preview

The Seahawks have the league's most balanced offensive attack. The Steelers have demolished three top offenses in three straight games with a swarming, tenacious defense. Which of these standout units can overcome the other to win Super Bowl XL? Actually, the answer is probably "neither." The biggest variable in this game is Pittsburgh's turnaround converting third downs vs. the Seattle secondary. Our DVOA-packed preview of Super Bowl XL is available on FOXSports.com, along with Mike Tanier's Super Bowl XL Rundown and Michael David Smith's look at key matchups. This thread is for discussion of all three.

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02 Feb 2006, 12:53pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Interview with Seahawks.net II

A preview of my Super Bowl preview, audio style. Before we started I said I was going to keep this shorter and it ended up going a half hour anyway. I just like to talk football, I guess. There are a lot more pregnant pauses in this interview compared to the first one, probably an indication that I really need a nap that lasts, I dunno, two weeks or so.

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01 Feb 2006, 03:48pm by Aaron Schatz

Move Over Rodney Harrison, Joey Porter is Now Mr. Disrespect

Joey Porter is angry. Angry, angry, angry. Why so angry? Because Seattle tight end Jerramy Stevens has the unmitigated gall to actually believe that his team will win this game. How dare he! Seattle should be going into this game with the belief that they will lose; anything else is disrespectful to the Steelers. Then again, if Joey Porter is saying that the Seahawks have no right to say that they will win, isn't he disrespecting the Seahawks? They won more games, right?

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