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08 Nov 2005, 07:13pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Chat at Baseball Prospectus

Here's an archive of today's FO chat at BaseballProspectus.com -- thanks to those guys, as always, for loaning me the space. Today's chat discussed LaDainian Tomlinson, football in Los Angeles, the future of Curtis Martin and Priest Holmes, statistical analysis of college football, and criticisms of our fantasy football projections.

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08 Nov 2005, 07:09pm by Aaron Schatz

TMQ: What Hollywood Can Learn from the NFL

If you were expecting this week's TMQ to applaud the Chiefs for going for it at the end of the game and joke about the Carolina cheerleader story, it turns out you were only half right. Surprise!

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08 Nov 2005, 05:19pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 10 DVOA Ratings, Shot to Hell Version

Indianapolis is number one, but five of their final eight opponents are in the top ten of this week's DVOA ratings. Commentary for the math-o-phobic is found here on FOXSports.com.

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07 Nov 2005, 04:47pm by Aaron Schatz

2005 Quick Reads: Week 9

Here's the latest Quick Reads at FOXSports.com with DPAR for all quarterbacks in Week 9 plus the top running backs and receivers. This week, find out why Eli Manning is having a historic season. Not historically great, just historically odd. Plus, I channel Trent Reznor and reveal how Atlanta can win the Super Bowl.

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05 Nov 2005, 09:11pm by Aaron Schatz

FO in the NYTimes: Decline in Offense is Leaving 2004 in N.F.L. Record Books

Remember the golden age of offense? Man, I remember it like it was just a few months ago. Thanks to the New York Times for once again inviting me to write the weekly Keeping Score column. (free registration or bugmenot required)

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04 Nov 2005, 05:53pm by Aaron Schatz

Benson May Be Right to Leave New Orleans

Our old friend Bob Cook takes on the controversial issue of the New Orleans Saints. As he points out, why does it matter if Tom Benson is a jerk? The real question is: what is the future of the city of New Orleans? The Saints are really no different from any number of businesses that are going to have to decide whether they are going back to a city that will take a long time to rebuild and will be significantly smaller when the rebuilding is done. If I remember correctly, polls say roughly 40 percent of residents aren't planning on going back.

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04 Nov 2005, 02:54pm by Aaron Schatz

Pats Has a Nice Ring to It

OK, if you've been waiting for Bill Simmons to give his take on Pats-Colts, here it is. Guess who he picks. C'mon, guess. The idea here is that the Pats are just too hungry for the Colts to beat them. Which is fine and dandy, except here are a few names that Bill doesn't mention when talking about how the three-time champions simply will not accept losing: Duane Starks, Arturo Freeman, Nick Kazcur, Monty Beisel, and Heath Evans. This game isn't about Tom Brady and Tedy Bruschi. It's about whether those guys can fill the holes.

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03 Nov 2005, 04:57pm by Aaron Schatz

John Clayton's First and 10

I don't mean to pick on Mr. Clayton, but I just had to point this article out as a particularly egregious example of Colts-Patriots overhype. Clayton writes: "Since 2003, the Colts and Patriots have met four times with everything on the line, and the Patriots won all four." Wait a minute, everything on the line? John, last year the teams met in the first game of the season. How much could possibly be on the line in the first game of the season?

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03 Nov 2005, 10:59am by Aaron Schatz

BCS Plus One: The Easiest Solution

How hard would it be to install a college football playoff? As our fellow FOXSports.com partners at College Football News point out, no team ranked lower than fourth before the bowl games has ever won the national championship. We're never going to end up in a situation where there are more than four unbeaten teams from the major conferences. So why not pit no. 1 against no. 4 and no. 2 against no. 3 in the bowl games, and then add one single game over winter break to determine the champion?

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03 Nov 2005, 12:52am by Aaron Schatz

Making a Number for Themselves

Teen Titans Go! No, I'm not talking about the Tennessee defense, I'm talking about all the wide receivers with numbers in the teens. Essentially, Roy Williams here is saying that number 88 makes you look boxy. What is this, an episode of "Sex in the City?" "Miranda, do I look fat in this number?"

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