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30 Dec 2016, 12:50pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Comparing NFL Contenders to Past Playoff Teams

I had a lot of fun writing this feature for ESPN Insider, finding a past playoff team (since 1990) similar to each of this year's playoff teams. I used DVOA splits but also common sense, to find a team that had similar stats and narrative. Don't worry if you miss seeing Denver in the playoffs, the Broncos are there! The Patriots are the 2013 Broncos, the Giants are the poor man's 2015 Broncos, and the Texans are the 2011 Tim Tebow Broncos because nobody can figure out how they've won so many games.

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29 Dec 2016, 03:40pm by Aaron Schatz

Off The Charts Podcast: December 29

This week's Off The Charts podcast features some matchup breakdown on the big Green Bay-Detroit and Washington-New York Giants games that will decide the final two NFC playoff spots. We also talk about which teams are the biggest threats to the Patriots and Cowboys meeting in Super Bowl LI, and why. (Click for audio link)

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29 Dec 2016, 02:22pm by Aaron Schatz

Belichick: Defensive Players Not Good Enough for Offense

I thought this was an interesting tidbit, and worth discussing. A lot of football folks know that Bill Belichick will actually open up and talk in detail about football if you ask him questions that aren't specific to his team. This morning he went into detail about players who have switched positions, suggesting that most players in the back seven are playing defense because they weren't good enough playmakers on offense. On the line, he thinks it works the other way: defensive linemen who don't have enough speed to rush the passer often get moved to the offensive line.

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28 Dec 2016, 01:24pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Week 17 Playoff Odds

This week's playoff odds commentary for ESPN Insider is more focused on each team's chances of winning Super Bowl LI, now that most of the playoff spots have been decided.

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27 Dec 2016, 07:23pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 16 DVOA Ratings

The Cowboys and Patriots are still a close 1-2 in DVOA. Dallas is playing its best all-around football of the year, while the Patriots make up for a Gronkless offense with improving defense and renewed special teams.

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27 Dec 2016, 12:57pm by Aaron Schatz

Bills Fire Rex Ryan

The Bills decided not to wait until Black Monday to can Rex Ryan and brother Rob. Offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn will serve as interim coach for the Bills' finale Sunday against the New York Jets. This is the 17th straight season the Bills have missed the playoffs. They brought in Ryan to be a defensive expert, and instead the offense improved and the defense collapsed. Clear in-game mistakes didn't help, like the play this weekend where the Bills had only 10 men on the field and Jay Ajayi ran for 57 yards.

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22 Dec 2016, 05:25pm by Aaron Schatz

Philadelphia's Week-to-Week DVOA Graph

A closer look, game by game, at how the Philadelphia Eagles have managed to go 5-9 despite outscoring their opponents. (Click to read more.)

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22 Dec 2016, 05:01pm by Aaron Schatz

Off The Charts Podcast: December 22

The new edition of the Off The Charts Podcast looks at all the important games this weekend and what they mean for playoff odds. We've got some in-depth analysis on Baltimore at Pittsburgh, and a closer look at why DVOA is so down on the Detroit Lions. (Click for audio link.)

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21 Dec 2016, 12:59pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Week 16 Playoff Odds

Here's a look at our playoff odds for Football Outsiders, with commentary including a breakdown of the chances that the NFC North and AFC South will be decided with Week 17 showdowns.

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20 Dec 2016, 06:45pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 15 DVOA Ratings

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the NFL's most balanced team and most inconsistent team... and they now join Dallas and New England as one of DVOA's top three teams. Plus: The spectacular record-shattering seasons of Johnny Hekker and Justin Tucker.

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