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10 Aug 2007, 11:33am by Bill Barnwell

NFL Replay Going HD

It seemed like once a week for the past couple of seasons, someone's asked whether the replay booths at NFL games had an HD screen.

Well, now they are, except for Dallas, Indianapolis, and New York/New Jersey. Of course, I don't know how they'll have HD feeds when there's only six or eight games in HD each week, but hey - the question's still been answered.

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07 Aug 2007, 03:01pm by Bill Barnwell

TMQ: The Return

TMQ returns to the steady gig with his first regular column of the season, covering the NFLPA.

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06 Aug 2007, 12:55am by Bill Barnwell

Getting a Read On The Situation

Today's Boston Globe had a fantastic piece by Chris Gasper covering the Patriots' move to using more zone blocking schemes, explaining the differences and how they are implemented.

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31 Jul 2007, 03:16pm by Bill Barnwell

Jaguars' Meester Out Two Months

Jaguars C Brad Meester has broken a bone in his right foot and will miss at least eight weeks.

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31 Jul 2007, 12:59am by Bill Barnwell

Gore Breaks Bone In Hand

What Football Outsiders projected-leading-rusher curse?

Frank Gore's broken a bone in his hand and is likely to miss a good portion of the preseason.

In all seriousness, this shouldn't drop him any on your board. Broken bones don't linger, and Gore should be ready for the regular season.

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29 Jul 2007, 04:15pm by Bill Barnwell

Matt Bryant Is My Pixellated Hero

Another in the line of superb Tecmo Bowl recreations of plays.

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29 Jul 2007, 03:43pm by Bill Barnwell

After Years of Waiting...Nothing Came

As part of the NFL's new policies on player and coach availability, the Broncos offensive line has been forced to speak to the media on the record. Surprisingly, they don't really have anything interesting to say.

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23 Jul 2007, 02:56am by Bill Barnwell

Happy Book Day!

Do you like books about football, but appreciate a more nuanced and researched look into the game than is otherwise available on the market? Well, you're in luck, my friend, because today is the official release date for Pro Football Prospectus 2007, which should now be available at finer bookstores (and crappy ones, too!) both across America and on this here Internet.

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19 Jul 2007, 02:23pm by Bill Barnwell

Madden '08 To Offer Championship Rings

Yes, Jostens will be creating championship rings for Madden players depending upon what level in the game they've advanced to. Players who "execute an extraordinary achievement" can apparently receive special rings. Is there some sort of "Hot Coffee"-esque mod where you save dogs from being hung? Would that qualify as extraordinary?

I'm pretty sure for a few grand more, we'll calculate DVOA and DPAR for all the players in your Madden game.

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19 Jul 2007, 01:01am by Bill Barnwell

FO Ranks All 32 Teams for 2007: Running Backs

The latest in our series ranking each of the 32 teams at each position. My guess: FOX readers will these rankings to not be to their liking, and will express their resentment and disagreement monosyllabically with many BLEEPs thrown in for good measure.

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