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18 Jul 2007, 12:16am by Bill Barnwell

FO Ranks All 32 Teams for 2007: Receivers

Part II of our series ranking the 32 teams by position, this time wide receivers and tight ends. The top teams are mostly the same as last year, but you'll be surprised by which team shows up in fourth place. This may be the only place where we rank the Lions in the top half of the league. Plus: The debut of that soon-to-be FO favorite, the box one foot above the head of Plaxico Burress.

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17 Jul 2007, 06:24pm by Bill Barnwell

Michael Vick Indicted

"Michael Vick has been indicted by a federal grand jury in connection with the dogfighting probe of his house in Virginia.

The Falcons quarterback was indicted for conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activities and to sponsor a dog in animal fighting venture in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District in Richmond, Va. Three others -- Purnell Peace, Quanis Phillips and Tony Taylor -- also were indicted by the grand jury on the same charges."

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10 Jul 2007, 08:35pm by Bill Barnwell

Raiders Ink Darius

No, Lane Kiffin didn't celebrate moving out of his parents' house by getting a Hootie and the Blowfish tattoo. The Raiders signed Donovin Darius to serve as depth at safety. He'll compete with Stuart Schweigert, probably by trying to convince Al Davis that "Stuart Schweigert" is too wimpy of a name for an NFL player.

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03 Jul 2007, 04:59pm by Bill Barnwell

FO Chat at Baseball Prospectus

Bill Barnwell kicks off our pre-Pro Football Prospectus 2007 chats over at BP, taking questions about the Jets, Giants, Seahawks, Packers, and Cleveland Indians (?). There's also plenty of fantasy football talk and a few sneak peeks at the 2007 KUBIAK projections, which are now officially on sale in the Football Outsiders store.

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02 Jul 2007, 04:31am by Bill Barnwell

Bentley Set To Return From Freak Infection

In excellent news for Browns fans, LeCharles Bentley has somehow gone from being set to retire because of his knee surgeries and staph infection all the way to potentially being ready to play in the season-opener versus Pittsburgh on September 9.

You know, I don't see any reason to disparage the infection for being a freak. It's not as if it popped up out of nowhere and decided to munch on LeCharles Bentley's knee. How about a freak practice facility? A freak immune system? Those are a little more fair.

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28 Jun 2007, 05:33pm by Bill Barnwell

Welker? I Hardly Know Her.

Wes Welker was actually a good player despite being mired in the Dolphins' offense the last few years, so he should be great with Tom Brady and the Patriots, right? Bill Barnwell doesn't think so, and if you'll listen he'll tell you exactly why.

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28 Jun 2007, 12:54pm by Bill Barnwell

NFL Europe...Down?

Our friends at Pro Football Talk are reporting that NFL Europe will cease to exist as of Friday, June 29th.

Who among us has not wished for a return of the WLAF? Now is the time. Everyone, to your battle stations.

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24 Jun 2007, 12:15pm by Bill Barnwell

Kitna Says Lions Will Win Ten Games

Well sure, if you include preseason games, that seems reasonable. And someone has to win all those intra-squad scrimmages and they'll probably be Lions too.

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06 Jun 2007, 11:47pm by Bill Barnwell

O Bennett Where Art Thou?

The Tennessee Titans replace both their top rusher and top receiver, but they aren't the first NFL team to face this problem. Are they in for a long year? Bill Barnwell investigates.

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05 Jun 2007, 09:31pm by Bill Barnwell

Chiefs Trade Green To Dolphins

Trent Green's finally a Dolphins QB, with a fifth-round pick (potentially becoming a fourth dependent upon performance) going to Kansas City in return.

Of course, it would have been nice if they had done this before those of us who have to write pieces in annuals regarding the Dolphins were forced to write two versions of each section, one with Green and one without...

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