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25 Jun 2010, 03:21pm by Bill Connelly

USC Appeals NCAA Penalties

"We disagree with many of the findings in the report from the NCAA Committee on Infractions and assert that the penalties imposed are too severe for the violations identified and are inconsistent with precedent in similar cases."

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23 Jun 2010, 08:14am by Bill Connelly

Where Did The Spread Offense Come From?

Chris Brown from the wonderful Smart Football takes a look at the origins of the spread offense. One other cog that needs to be added to his list of influences: the Split-T. A lot like the T-formation that was popular in the 1930s, the Split-T was an invention of Missouri's Don Faurot, who upon losing star quarterback Paul Christman to the NFL, tried to find ways to create mismatches and misdirection.

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22 Jun 2010, 03:10pm by Bill Connelly

2010 College Football Preseason Top 10

If you are done arguing about the merits of Tennessee and Boise State, it is time for the real argument to begin. Behold the Football Outsiders preseason college football Top 10.

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21 Jun 2010, 03:30pm by Bill Connelly

2010 College Preseason Top 25 (11-25)

It's never too early for college football -- or an argument about who deserves to be number one. But first, let's argue about who should be number 11, as Football Outsiders unveils the first 15 teams on our preseason Top 25.

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16 Jun 2010, 04:50pm by Bill Connelly

Pac-10 Invites University Of Utah To Become Twelfth Member

Needless to say, the odds are very good that the Utes will accept the offer. Assuming the Big Ten is done for now (it will almost certainly be a few months before they decide whether to make another move or not), that leaves our conference realignment scorecard as follows...

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08 Jun 2010, 06:56pm by Bill Connelly

Big 12 Conference On Life Support

We've been conspicuously low on the conference realignment talk around here; part of me wants to apologize for that, another part says, "You're welcome." Quite frankly, it's been an exhausting couple of days. The above link from Dr. Saturday is probably the most comprehensive survey of where things stand at the moment.

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27 Apr 2010, 10:48am by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: The Teams They Leave Behind

How does the loss of talent to the draft affect college football teams? And how will this draft affect next year's outlook? Bill Connelly investigates.

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21 Apr 2010, 05:11pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: POE and Draftability

On the eve of the NFL Draft, Bill Connelly revisits his ratings for college running backs, looking out for red flags and draft sleepers.

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19 Feb 2010, 12:00pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: Recruiting Spectacular

More than ever, schools and fans are obsessing over college football recruiting. But how much impact does recruiting have on a team's success on the field in the fall? Bill Connelly explores this question in Varsity Numbers.

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04 Feb 2010, 08:41pm by Bill Connelly

ESPN: Recruiting on the Rise and in Decline

In the second part of his recent ESPN Insider series on recruiting, our own Bill Connelly looks at which teams and conferences have been getting better (Big East) or worse (Pac-10).

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