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18 Nov 2012, 07:04pm by Bill Connelly

Maryland and Rutgers Might Be Moving to the Big Ten

Here's to hoping you enjoyed your few months of realignment-free news from the world of college football because it might be coming to an end. Over the past three or four days, "Maryland and Rutgers to the Big Ten" rumors have begun to take on ferocious volume, and ESPN's Brett McMurphy, Dana O'Neil and Andy Katz are reporting that Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank, who is to Maryland what Nike's Phil Knight is to Oregon (i.e. a serious sugar daddy and influential figure), is very much in favor of the move.

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15 Nov 2012, 04:04pm by Bill Connelly

VN: Your Best Against the Best

Bill Connelly once again breaks out the personality stats to figure out, among other things, what characteristics separate some of the country's best teams.

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08 Nov 2012, 03:42pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: Let's Rate Some Receivers!

You're all familiar with Adj. POE, now meet RYPR! Yeah, Bill is still working on the name. Marquise Lee dominates our attempt at an advanced metric for wideouts.

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01 Nov 2012, 05:27pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: Retrofitting

Bill Connelly tries to make sense of some funky S&P+ rankings (Tennessee is 10th?) in the latest Varsity Numbers.

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26 Oct 2012, 11:58am by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: Adjusted Points Revisited

VN's Adjusted Points metric takes on West Virgnia's decline and notes that teams like Wisconsin and Boise State are getting stronger as the season goes on.

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18 Oct 2012, 06:21pm by Bill Connelly

VN: Taking Stock after 7 Weeks

With preseason projections fully phased out of the FO college football numbers, Bill Connelly takes a look at some of the more surprising midseason rankings. Which teams are for real?

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11 Oct 2012, 05:48pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers vs. Third Downs

Adjusted Third Down Rates will tell you that Taylor Martinez and company need to stay on schedule, while Mike Leach's Air Raid makes up for a lack of overall talent with solid adjusted conversion rates.

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04 Oct 2012, 12:50pm by Bill Connelly

VN: The Weird, Wacky Big 12

Bill Connelly does a simulation to figure out what in the world to expect from the Big 12 over the next two months.

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27 Sep 2012, 04:42pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: Surprise!

A month into the 2012 college football season, Bill Connelly takes a look at September's surprising teams, for better and for worse.

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20 Sep 2012, 05:12pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: A Disruptive Presence

In this week's Varsity Numbers, Bill Connelly takes a look at the most disruptive defenses in the country, and when "disruptive" and "good" are not actually synonyms.

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