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31 Oct 2008, 04:55pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: Luck, Coaching, or Talent?

Bill Connelly investigates why and how Minnesota has surged into the Top 25 and if it can stay there. Also: a "VN box score" analysis of Texas-Oklahoma State, and what it suggests for Texas-Texas Tech.

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30 Oct 2008, 06:30pm by Bill Connelly

7th Day Adventure: Quality Depth

Bill Connelly comes off the bench to fill in for Russell Levine, previewing the weekend in college football. This will also serve as the college football open thread.

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30 Oct 2008, 11:12am by Bill Connelly

Texas: QB Mecca

A College XP of sorts...

It's not rocket science to realize just how many schools get a large percentage of their talent from Texas, but the Dallas Morning News has a nice article about just how many teams currently have star quarterbacks from the Lone Star State. Colt McCoy, Graham Harrell, Matt Stafford, Chase Daniel, Todd Reesing, Jarrett Lee, Brian Johnson...in all, 21 FBS starters and six of the top nine QBs on the Total Offense list are from Texas.

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24 Oct 2008, 04:00pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: The New Box Score

Normal box scores don't tell you enough. Bill Connelly walks you through the Varsity Numbers box score.

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17 Oct 2008, 11:49am by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: A New Day or an Overreaction?

Another Saturday shakeup! Have we reached true parity in college football, or is this really the way college football has always been? Bill Connelly investigates.

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10 Oct 2008, 04:00pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: Team-Specific Win Correlations

What happens when you look for the correlations between various statistics and wins on a team-by-team basis? Bill Connelly investigates.

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02 Oct 2008, 09:15pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: Leverage, Leverage, Leverage

No matter where we go with new or old statistics, at some point we should try to tie them to what's most important: wins. In his latest Varsity Numbers column, Bill Connelly does just that.

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26 Sep 2008, 07:07am by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: The '+' Concept

The spread of talent in college football is so large that sometimes it's hard to glean too much from the stats. In his latest Varsity Numbers installment, Bill Connelly explores the "+" concept, an attempt to even the playing field and account for strength of schedule.

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19 Sep 2008, 02:48pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: Six Missing Points

Bill Connelly is back with more college football stats. Yards gained and lost on offense and defense are fairly straightforward, but how to measure the other things that go on during a football game?

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05 Sep 2008, 04:47pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: NCAA Analysis 101

Bill Connelly, formerly of Sunday Morning Quarterback, brings his in-depth NCAA football analysis to the pages of Football Outsiders with the debut edition of Varsity Numbers.

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