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08 Dec 2010, 12:56pm by Brian Fremeau

FEI: The Big Dance

Brian Fremeau faces the Virginia Tech dilemma, breaks down drives in the Big 12 and Conference USA title games, and compares the regular season resumes of Oregon, Auburn, and Miami (Ohio).

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08 Dec 2010, 10:35am by Brian Fremeau

INFOGRAPHIC: Lou Groza Finalists

Brian Fremeau visualizes the value every kick attempted by the three Lou Groza Award finalists. The Lou Groza award is given annually to the nation's top collegiate place-kicker.

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03 Dec 2010, 04:18pm by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: Tigers And Gamecocks Take Two

In the only conference championship rematch of 2010, South Carolina looks to flip the script and take down undefeated Auburn. Brian Fremeau breaks down the drive summary from their first meeting to identify offensive, defensive and special teams opportunities for each team.

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01 Dec 2010, 02:46pm by Brian Fremeau

Cam Newton Cleared (To Play)

Cam Newton was temporarily ineligible to play on Tuesday, November 30th. According to the NCAA, he was an eligible student-athlete prior to that date, and is an eligible student-athlete after that date.

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01 Dec 2010, 12:18pm by Brian Fremeau

FEI: Circular Logic

The final SEC West showdowns went pretty much as expected, and the FEI ratings remained pretty much the same. Also, a Boise State and Nevada drive summary breakdown measures the value of two costly missed field goals.

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24 Nov 2010, 11:46am by Brian Fremeau

FEI: Head to Head

How much do head-to-head results matter relative to the other games played? Brian Fremeau investigates a few peculiarities in the weekly ratings.

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19 Nov 2010, 03:06pm by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: Nebraska's Inconsistent Offense

A rejuvenated Taylor Martinez can get the Cornhuskers explosive, but inconsistent offense back on track this weekend against Texas A&M.

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19 Nov 2010, 12:50pm by Brian Fremeau

Only One End Zone To Be Used At Wrigley

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany stepped in at the last minute and decided that the right field end zone at Wrigley Field for this weekend's Illinois-Northwestern game is too dangerous. All offensive possessions will be played east to west.

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17 Nov 2010, 01:40pm by Brian Fremeau

How FEI Watches a Game

The SEC West is dominating the top of the FEI ratings, and we break down one of the conference's recent head-to-head matchups in the debut of a new drive summary analysis feature.

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10 Nov 2010, 04:11pm by Brian Fremeau

FEI: Week 10 Ratings

Top performances from TCU, Arkansas, and LSU are all rewarded in this week's FEI ratings.

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