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27 Feb 2006, 06:48pm by Guest

Four Downs: NFC South

New Orleans fell apart from the beginning of the season, while Atlanta waited until November. Tampa Bay and Carolina were successful, only to find their holes exposed in the postseason. Meet FO intern Darrel Michaud as he takes you for a trip around the NFC South.

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06 Nov 2005, 12:13am by Guest

The Game Charters Speak

The volunteers from the FO game charting project have their say about what they've seen in this year's games. It's a companion piece to Every Team Counts, particularly if you are interested in the Lions, Giants, Dolphins, Eagles, or Bears (although there are notes on other teams as well).

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14 Oct 2005, 05:40pm by Guest

The Evolving Predictive Powers of DVOA

DVOA is emphatically not about gambling. But if it happens to work for gambling, who are we to keep that knowledge from you? Guest columnist Sean McCormick provides an eye-opening analysis of the success of DVOA when betting the line over the past two seasons.

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10 Sep 2005, 04:55pm by Guest

Weighing in on Champ Bailey

The Denver pass defense in general, and Champ Bailey in particular, have taken heat from critics ever since the ignominious end to their season. Guest columnist Sean McCormick takes an in-depth look at both using just about every statistical tool in the book(s).

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26 Aug 2005, 03:22pm by Guest

Dropping Some Knowledge on Seattle

Sure, dropped passes are harmful to a football team -- just ask any Seattle Seahawks fan -- but how harmful? Guest columnist Kevin Pelton set out in search of some answers.

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11 Aug 2005, 03:28pm by Guest

Book Review: Scientific Football 2005

You've read about him in Dr. Z's column. You've seen him mentioned favorably on Football Outsiders. Of course, those were both free. Should you be dropping fifty bucks on K.C. Joyner's Scientific Football 2005? Guest book reviewer Jim Armstrong provides a detailed analysis of the book to help you decide.

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01 Aug 2005, 11:10am by Guest

Building a Better Fantasy League

Want to take your fantasy football league to the next level? Then you have to question the standard rules. Guest columnist Dan Lewis says the way to improve your fantasy football competition is to emphasize the fantasy and the competition, and de-emphasize the importance of dumb luck. Waive your start/bench decisions goodbye and say hello to deeper rosters and more trades.

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22 Jun 2005, 01:00pm by Guest

2005 CFL Preview

What's a rouge? What's the Hec Creighton Award? Whatever became of Yo Murphy and Ken-Yon Rambo? These questions and more will be answered as Ian Hollohan gives us a quick overview of the new season north of the border. Pay attention, or before you even have a chance to blink your eyes it will be third down and time to punt.

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10 Jun 2005, 12:08am by Guest

NFL Europe Review and World Bowl Preview

In his final dispatch from NFL Europe, guest columnist Ian Hollohan previews this Saturday's World Bowl and takes a look at the NFL Europe players you are most likely to see on an NFL team this fall.

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26 May 2005, 05:30pm by Guest

NFL Europe Report: Weeks 7-8

The race for the World Bowl is in full flight as NFL Europe heads into the final two weeks of the regular season. Guest columnist Ian Hollohan updates all the happenings across the pond, with team-by-team updates and previews of the Week 9 contests.

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