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06 Sep 2013, 11:15am by Matt Waldman

Flashes: WR Allen Hurns, Miami

While no magic pill, there is a type of play for wide receivers that is guaranteed to heighten my interest in a player. I call it the Money Catch. Give me a receiver who can make these consistently and I’m less concerned about his height, weight, 40-time, bench press, or stats. A receiver who demonstrates this skill may not become an NFL starter, but there are few quality NFL starters who lack this ability.

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02 Sep 2013, 01:14pm by Matt Waldman

Flashes: QB Chase Rettig, Boston College

Most don’t project Chase Rettig as a draft worthy quarterback heading into the 2013 college season. Matt Waldman thinks Rettig does well enough to earn consideration in early May even if his team continues its underwhelming play.

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31 Aug 2013, 03:21pm by Matt Waldman

Venric Mark: Offensive Weapon?

A college player who reminds me of Eric Metcalf is Venric Mark. Scouts will wonder which positional template Mark fits into – if he fits into one at all.

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12 Jun 2013, 03:16am by Matt Waldman

Houston RB Charles Sims: McFadden-Murray Disciple

Charles Sims is a disciple of the McFadden-Murray school of running back. Matt Waldman is going to show you why.

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06 Jun 2013, 09:21am by Matt Waldman

Rivers McCown's RSO Writers' Team

Rivers McCown makes my Futures column look better. He makes all the Football Outsiders look better – at least in print. McCown participated in our recent Reality Sports Online writer draft. This is an auction league that includes multi-year contracts.

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03 Jun 2013, 09:37am by Matt Waldman

Early `14 Take: Rutgers WR Brandon Coleman

Coleman has the physical gifts of a top prospect, but does he have the technical skills and supporting cast to help him make a case?

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25 Apr 2013, 06:44am by Matt Waldman

Medical Red Flags on Draft Day by Dr. Jene Bramel

14 Players at Risk of a Medical Red Flag on Draft Day

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24 Apr 2013, 11:12am by Matt Waldman

Futures: WR Cordarrelle Patterson

When it comes to evaluating a football talent like Cordarrelle Paterson, I believe the Playmaker Score can be part of the conversation -- just not the entire discussion.

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23 Apr 2013, 12:53pm by Matt Waldman

Boiler Room: RB Le'Veon Bell, Michigan State

A polarizing player in the draft community engenders endless debate -- even after we see that player on an NFL field. If he succeeds, his backers believe that the detractors over analyzed the situation. If the prospect struggles, the naysayers will claim the backers didn’t see enough. In this sense, Le’Veon Bell is a polarizing player.

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21 Apr 2013, 11:05am by Matt Waldman

Boiler Room: USC WR Robert Woods

Compared to his peers in this 2013 wide receiver draft class, Robert Woods has a “quiet game.” The USC Trojan is an average-sized receiver with good quickness, but his measurements as an athlete is nothing special. Yet, Woods is one of the best prospects at his position – a wide receiver class that I contend is a deep one.

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