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13 Feb 2013, 12:18pm by Matt Waldman

Futures: Baylor WR Terrance Williams

With so many players to cover, the strong performance of Baylor wideout Terrance Williams throughout Senior Bowl sessions may have been overlooked.

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10 Feb 2013, 07:37pm by Matt Waldman

RSP No-Huddle Series: LSU RB Spencer Ware

Ware isn’t a breakaway threat; he’s a hot-running, helmet-crunching, break-your-back, ball-carrying warrior. He’s rugged, smart, and technically sound in most aspects of the game. If Seattle didn’t have a Robert Turbin, Ware is the back I’d want backing up Marshawn Lynch. If Mike Shanahan wants a lean, mean, running back depth chart, he can dispense with most of the backs behind Alfred Morris and opt for Ware.

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06 Feb 2013, 11:09am by Matt Waldman

Futures: Houston LB Phillip Steward

The Houston Cougars linebacker may be a late-round pick, but this invitee to the Senior Bowl and Texas vs. The Nation has skills that fit the future of the NFL game.

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05 Feb 2013, 11:21am by Matt Waldman

The Disconnect Between Evaluation and Drafting QB Talent

Matt Waldman's views on the potential issues that arise from NFL teams balancing talent vs. need when it comes to drafting a quarterback and why this hurts an underrated talent like Tulane QB Ryan Griffin versus a "draft-not-to-lose" commodity like N.C. State's Mike Glennon.

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04 Feb 2013, 12:52pm by Matt Waldman

Giovani Bernard: The FBI of Angles

Matt Waldman breaks down the pass protection of UNC RB prospect Gionvani Bernard and shows why an understanding of angles is often more important than physical strength and leverage.

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30 Jan 2013, 01:31pm by Matt Waldman

Futures: Central Michigan OT Eric Fisher

What is a "six-play" player, and how does that concept link tackle Eric Fisher with fellow Central Michigan alum Joe Staley?

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28 Jan 2013, 09:14am by Matt Waldman

Flashes: OU WR Kenny Stills

Matt Waldman explains at his RSP blog why sometimes the difference between a touchdown and a drop of a wide-open pass comes down to the difference between an active and passive approach, the space between the fingertips and the palm, and understanding why even good technique isn't good in the wrong situation.

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24 Jan 2013, 07:46am by Matt Waldman

How I Would Change the Senior Bowl

Matt Waldman follows up on Phil Savage's request for feedback with some big-picture ideas to make the event at Mobile a lyceum for career transition and coaching innovation.

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24 Jan 2013, 07:42am by Matt Waldman

2013 Senior Bowl: Practice Overview

Jene Bramel and Matt Waldman review the pleasant surprises, small-school standouts, and polarizing players from the three relevant days of Senior Bowl practices.

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23 Jan 2013, 09:38pm by Matt Waldman

2013 Senior Bowl: Day Two Highlights

Jene Bramel and Matt Waldman's Day Two Practice Highlights from the Senior Bowl for the New York Times Fifth Down.

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