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16 Sep 2013, 06:51am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: 2-0 Caveats

A Field Guide to 2-0 teams. The new fall season in NFL form. The only Monday morning article on earth to reference The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Babysitters Club, and Beatrix Potter, while still finding time to criticize Ron Rivera.

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13 Sep 2013, 07:05am by Mike Tanier

Tanier's NFL Game Riffs: Week 2

Oh brother, another Brother Bowl. Plus an Eyebrow Bowl. But also: regression analysis of Ndamukong Suh's fines, a breakdown of the Colts and Dolphins new acquisitions, some ABBA, Gerald Riggs, and the geography of Revis Island.

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09 Sep 2013, 06:57am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: Early Returns

Jump to conclusions? Well, it's that or go into Karl Rove denial! Ron Rivera and Marty Mornhinweg's play calling get ripped. Maybe I have some left over Andy Reid hostility. But if I do, I took it out on Jim Harbaugh.

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06 Sep 2013, 07:46am by Mike Tanier

Tanier's NFL Game Riffs: Week 1

We figure the new name will alert people that these are not your typical previews. But they are MY typical previews, so of course go after Mike Tice really hard, talk about organic produce, and name-drop Timothy Leery.

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03 Sep 2013, 07:31am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: Bold Predictions

Actually, the predictions are at the end. And they are not that bold. Instead, you get my thoughts on failed quarterback prospects, Browns kickers, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young albums.

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26 Aug 2013, 07:43am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: The NFL's Who's Next List

My effort to write one of those "tomorrow's stars, today" articles. Only a few of these guys duplicate the Football Outsiders Prospect list. The rest are rookies, high draft picks from last year still on the upswing, and preseason stars.

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21 Aug 2013, 07:51pm by Mike Tanier

Coaches Film Just Got Clearer

OH MY GLOB OH MY GLOB OH MY GLOB ... I was at an NFL Network event on Wednesday, and they announced that the all-22 film on NFL Game Rewind will now be high-definition. That's right: no more blurry little guys on a grainy background. Nerdquake! Nerdquake!

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19 Aug 2013, 08:09am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: Making Their Point

A look at how the quarterback controversies are shaping up. They are shaping up like: "the old guy looks bad and the young guy looks OK, so ... whoops, the young guy is hurt, we are stuck with the old guy, huzzah."

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12 Aug 2013, 07:33am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: Preseason Points

Notes from all over the NFL, a discussion of read-option nomenclature, teasing Redskins fans for getting carried away about third string QBs (they are the wackiest fanbase in the NFL when it comes to this), and a link back to my Chip Kelly article from Saturday.

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06 Aug 2013, 08:09am by Mike Tanier

The Quarterback Nonsense Index

Hey gang! I usually don't gum up the XPs with every little thing I write for Sports on Earth, but I thought you would get a kick out of my effort to rank the quarterbacks in terms of the amount of sportstalk blather they generate.

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