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13 Jan 2014, 07:52am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: The Fated Four

A look ahead at some of next week's matchups, powered by this here Football Outsiders Premium Database and my own feverish late-season imagination.

Click around the Sports on Earth site to find a familiar face: draft guru Russ Lande has joined the SoE team! His article on Shrine Game superstars of the past decade is just the kickoff to four months of intense draft double coverage by Russ and I.

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09 Jan 2014, 08:01am by Mike Tanier

Tanier's NFL Game Riffs: Divisional Weekend

Welcome to Chalk City, where I go all magic realist on Colts-Patriots and profile Steve Smith, Chronicler of Panthers History.

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06 Jan 2014, 08:03am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: Now in Sepia

The Wild Card games get the "Instant Classic" treatment, and I go on and on about Andrew Luck's beard and Nick Foles' hair.

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03 Jan 2014, 09:23am by Mike Tanier

Tanier's NFL Game Riffs: Wild Card Weekend

The Colts have used more players than any other NFL team, the 2013 Eagles look a lot like the 2012 Redskins, and the 49ers are over-relying on Anquan Boldin so they can snooker the Packers. All this AND Andy Dalton jokes.

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30 Dec 2013, 08:59am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: Playoff Preview

The best and worst at each position or unit in the playoffs!

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27 Dec 2013, 09:59am by Mike Tanier

Tanier's NFL Game Riffs: Week 17

Romogeddon is upon us. The second coming of Aaron Rodgers may be too late.

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24 Dec 2013, 10:56am by Mike Tanier

Tanier's All-Rookie Team

This year's All-Rookie Team gets it done in the trenches, though I have to admit that I felt much better about the offensive line last Friday than I did on Sunday night.

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23 Dec 2013, 08:50am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: Step Up

Cam Newton stepped up. Others did not. Had a lot of fun watching film of the Dolphins offensive line and Cowboys secondary while prepping this piece. And by fun, I mean I never want to see either unit again.

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20 Dec 2013, 07:58am by Mike Tanier

Tanier's NFL Game Riffs: Week 16

Down the stretch I come, thinking about how the Lions are turning into the Cowboys, the Chiefs into the Eagles, the Eagles into the old Eagles, and the Cowboys and Redskins into high satire.

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18 Dec 2013, 08:06am by Mike Tanier

The All-Snyder Team

As usual, I have a lot of stuff going on over at Sports on Earth, including a Referee Year in Review you might like. But I don't want to junk up Extra Points with everything that pops into my pointy little head, and I thought you guys might be more interested in this: an All Pro team of the Snyderest Dan Snyder decisions that Snyder ever Snydered.

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