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28 Jan 2013, 08:13am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: Release the Hounds

This is one of those roundups of the craziness of Super Bowl week. Correction: it is MY roundup of the craziness of Super Bowl week, so it is rounder and upper than the others. Will drop an XP or two from New Orleans here this week.

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21 Jan 2013, 08:29am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: Hometown Hero

Despite the title, this is not a long "I knew Flacco when he was 15" piece; I just start with a bit about the excitement here in my corner of Camden County. Then, it is off to a frame-by-frame rundown of the Patriots during their line-up drill before halftime, and making fun of the Falcons. Enjoy!

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18 Jan 2013, 10:55am by Mike Tanier

NFL Lowdown: Conference Championships

Myth making, and such.

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14 Jan 2013, 10:11am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: Running on Fumes

Mike Tanier runs down one of the best, and most exhausting, Divisional Round weekends in NFL history.

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11 Jan 2013, 08:13am by Mike Tanier

NFL Lowdown: Divisional Playoffs

These ran long, but there are some Texans diagrams, a long look at the Seahawks' offseason in comparison to what the Falcons did in 2008, and a weird bit about the 1970s Rams, so you should like it. I am doing a Cover It Live chat over there at Sports on Earth at 2 PM Eastern on Friday and would love to see some of the old faces, so stop by!

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07 Jan 2013, 08:38am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: One More Time

Notes from my trip to Balmer to see Ray Lewis' final home game. A reminder of why option plays have limited NFL usefulness, as if we needed a reminder after watching RG3 double over. There is also a Saturday article over at Sports on Earth with a goofy Dragnet parody.

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04 Jan 2013, 08:52am by Mike Tanier

NFL Lowdown: Wild Card Weekend

Some read-option talk, a look at the weak link in the Packers offensive line, and a note about how bad Texans games look a lot like good Texans games.

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31 Dec 2012, 12:42pm by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: Run for your Life

A little football, a little basketball, and some bodily function humor. Happy New Year.

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28 Dec 2012, 10:33am by Mike Tanier

NFL Lowdown: Week 17

This week, everyone from the Dukes of Hazard to the 1981 Colts makes an appearance.

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24 Dec 2012, 09:52am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: No Doubt

Coming next: the Seahawks takeover of Earth. Merry Christmas.

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