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03 Aug 2010, 01:06pm by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: O, Little Town

Mike Tanier is back from Eagles camp in Bethlehem with notes on everyone from Leonard Weaver to Clay Harbor. Plus, acronyms you can use, and the real reason players are "carted off."

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21 Jul 2010, 12:32pm by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: The Teal Deal

Tony Boselli doesn't want to hear any more about the Jaguars' ticket woes, and he's doing something about it. Plus, thoughts on soccer, functional fitness, and the Shreveport-Bossier BattleWings.

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06 May 2010, 12:00pm by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough Plug 'n' Play

Mike Tanier draws up plays for some of this year's most interesting rookies, including Ndamukong Suh, Kyle Wilson, and Tim Tebow. Plus: Pete Carroll's amazing mix tape playbook.

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20 Apr 2010, 05:27pm by Mike Tanier

Mike Tanier Live-Blogs the 2010 Schedule

No, seriously. Mike Tanier is actually live-blogging the unveiling of the 2010 NFL schedule for the New York Times website. Be sure to tune in at 7 p.m. Eastern for jokes-a-plenty. Consider this to also be your thread to discuss the 2010 schedule once they announce it; you'll find the full schedule here.

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20 Apr 2010, 01:01pm by Mike Tanier

ESPN the Magazine Quarterback Glossary

Here's another feature from the latest issue of ESPN the Magazine, reprinted online for your reading pleasure. (Well, if you have an Insider subscription.) Our own Mike Tanier translates all the scout jargon for anyone interested in this year's quarterback prospects.

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15 Apr 2010, 11:19am by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: Drive-By Draftnik

Wacky offenses like Georgia Tech's flexbone make it hard for part-time scouts to evaluate prospects like Demaryius Thomas. Find out which programs give Mike Tanier headaches. Plus, Zoltan Mesko and beer connoisseurs.

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11 Apr 2010, 12:08pm by Mike Tanier

NY Times: Milestones in McNabb File

Mike Tanier has the detailed history of the Philadelphia-McNabb relationship.

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01 Apr 2010, 10:12am by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: Postcards from the Noodge

The Charlie Whitehurst Trade: Surprisingly, not an April Fools joke. Plus: Hunter Smith rocks, and scenes from the siege of Fort McNabb.

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10 Mar 2010, 11:06am by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: Click at Your Own Risk

Today's NFL prospect must worry about more than just the 40 and the Wonderlic. There's cyber-smearing, identity theft, social networking run amok, and potential privacy invasions. A team of privacy lawyers helps Mike Tanier understand how prsopects can prevent Internet disasters.

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17 Feb 2010, 03:12pm by Mike Tanier

We Are the Walkthrough

Jake Delhomme, Tony Romo, and an All-Pro lineup help Mike Tanier raise money for Haiti, and you can help too! Plus, learn which rookie can get the Colts back to the Super Bowl.

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