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26 Dec 2007, 05:48pm by Mike Tanier

Week 17 FOX Rundown

Good "Mike Tanier is a biased Pats fan" criticism in the FOX comments, to go with the "Michael David Smith is a biased Pats fan" criticism in EPC earlier this week. You know, we do allow Football Outsiders writers to live in NFC cities -- even NFC cities that are not Seattle. Really.

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19 Dec 2007, 11:35pm by Mike Tanier

Week 16 FOX Rundown

There isn't a single game this week that features two teams with winning records. Happy Rundown, everybody!

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40 comments, Last at 24 Dec 2007, 11:37am by Wanker79

14 Dec 2007, 03:16pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: Window Dressing

Saints coach Sean Payton likes to baffle opponents with dozens of formations, including straight-from-the-sandlot stack alignments. Colts coordinator Tom Moore uses no-frills formations but gets creative when designing route combinations. The Saints and Colts offenses look different, but Mike Tanier learns this week that the differences are only skin deep.

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13 Dec 2007, 11:32am by Mike Tanier

Week 15 FOX Rundown

Yes, we know, there is something wrong with our updated version of WordPress, and these links don't work. The link to the new Rundown is: http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/7554634. (Actually, there are lots of things wrong with our updated version of WordPress, but we're trying to fix them... it was this or not have the site online at all.)

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07 Dec 2007, 05:12pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: Sunday Sweeps

LaDainian Tomlinson, Adrian Peterson, Derrick Ward and others performed end runs around the opposition last week. How can a simple sweep turn into a long touchdown against an NFL defense? Mike Tanier discovers that the key to running outside is often the blocking inside.

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05 Dec 2007, 06:09pm by Mike Tanier

Week 14 FOX Rundown

The Rams discover rock and roll, the Ravens bemoan their miserable luck, and Bill Polian has a big fat secret check for Mike Tanier in this week's rundown. Plus: The secret future history of the Minnesota Vikings revealed.

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29 Nov 2007, 04:51pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: Protecting Favre

The Packers can beat the Cowboys -- if they can keep the Cowboys' front seven away from Brett Favre. Mike Tanier reviews Packers game tapes to discover the secret behind their league-leading Adjusted Sack Rate. He discovers that slant routes and max protection schemes, not great blocking, are the reasons why Favre's jersey is so clean. NOTE: Now includes a post-game update.

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29 Nov 2007, 04:12pm by Mike Tanier

Week 13 FOX Rundown

This week's Rundown lays down the blueprint for beating the New York Giants, compares Norv Turner and Herm Edwards, and issues a wake-up call to the Indianapolis Colts.

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21 Nov 2007, 06:04pm by Mike Tanier

Week 12 FOX Rundown

This week brings you the Brett Favre Turkey Shooter Game, a look at the rag-tag Bucs, and ... hold on, I have Mike Pereira on the phone. Apparently this week's Rundown is Under Review...

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15 Nov 2007, 01:19am by Mike Tanier

Week 11 FOX Rundown

This week's Rundown features last year's least consistent team against one of this year's least consistent teams, Craphonso Thorpe's quest for revenge, and possibly the first imaginary numbers joke in the history of FOX Sports. (You can tell because they didn't format it right.)

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