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29 Nov 2007, 04:12pm by Mike Tanier

Week 13 FOX Rundown

This week's Rundown lays down the blueprint for beating the New York Giants, compares Norv Turner and Herm Edwards, and issues a wake-up call to the Indianapolis Colts.

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21 Nov 2007, 06:04pm by Mike Tanier

Week 12 FOX Rundown

This week brings you the Brett Favre Turkey Shooter Game, a look at the rag-tag Bucs, and ... hold on, I have Mike Pereira on the phone. Apparently this week's Rundown is Under Review...

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15 Nov 2007, 01:19am by Mike Tanier

Week 11 FOX Rundown

This week's Rundown features last year's least consistent team against one of this year's least consistent teams, Craphonso Thorpe's quest for revenge, and possibly the first imaginary numbers joke in the history of FOX Sports. (You can tell because they didn't format it right.)

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09 Nov 2007, 02:47pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: Fanboy's Progress

In their four-day Delaware Valley junket, Aaron Schatz and Mike Tanier watch the Cowboys crush the Eagles from the press box, and then on film with Ron Jaworski. They also saw a gambler risk his house on the Texans and participated in a roundtable discussion with a distinguished sportswriter and a Hall of Fame wide receiver.

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07 Nov 2007, 07:11pm by Mike Tanier

Week 10 FOX Rundown

The kids of today should defend themselves against the 70's. It's not reality. It's just someone else's sentimentality. It won't work for you. Unless you are nostalgic for the glory days of the Steelers and Cowboys and want to slip some Elton John puns into Rundown...

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02 Nov 2007, 01:45pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone Blender

Shhh... don't tell anyone, but there are 13 other games this week. Mike Tanier empties his TDZ notebook, examining blitz packages that work and zones that don't. No Pats or Colts here, but you will find out how Joey Galloway goes deep, how the Steelers get angry, and how the Philly D goes soft in the red zone.

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31 Oct 2007, 05:28pm by Mike Tanier

Week 9 FOX Rundown

Hey, did you hear the Patriots and Colts are playing this weekend? This week's Rundown also looks at two other big-time rivalry games: Eagles-Cowboys and Ravens-Steelers, plus RoboKurt and Mel Brooks Presents A History of David Carr, Part I.

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24 Oct 2007, 06:17pm by Mike Tanier

Week 8 FOX Rundown

This week's Rundown features Stuart Fraser's take on the NFL in London and frustration with personnel choices in Minnesota and Philadelphia. Plus: The Rams become the Browns, and vice versa!

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19 Oct 2007, 12:23pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: Four Giant Aces

The Giants have been driving quarterbacks crazy by putting Michael Strahan, Osi Umenyiora, Jason Tuck, and Mathias Kiwanuka on the field at the same time. As Mike Tanier learns this week, there's more to this "Four Aces" package than just speed. Find out how the Giants are using athleticism, creativity, and discipline to make life miserable for offenses.

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18 Oct 2007, 11:17am by Mike Tanier

Week 7 FOX Rundown

This week, we play America's favorite new game show, "Name Three Dolphins Starters on Offense" along with Willis McGahee's favorite game show, "Name Ways Baltimore is Better Than Buffalo."Plus: Don't sleep on the Steelers.

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