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27 Dec 2006, 02:08pm by Mike Tanier

Week 17 Rundown: Not Slowed by Christmas

We don't get any "Winner Reaches the Playoffs" storylines in Week 17 this year, but we do have a lot of "One Team has Clinched, One is Still Alive" and "Playing for Pride," plus a couple of "Two Teams Hanging By a Thread" games. One of these years, there's actually going to be a tie in Week 17, so all those "need X or tie" playoff scenarios will actually mean something. Also this week: Everyone in San Francisco loves their balls!

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26 Dec 2006, 11:22am by Mike Tanier

The Worst Coach of 2006

And the Winner of the 2006 Worst Coach of the Year Award is...drum roll please...(Click link to read more.)

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24 Dec 2006, 11:26am by Mike Tanier

God Rest Me, Merry Gentleman

Let nothing you dismay. Rundown will be finished this coming Tuesday. (Click link to read more.)

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21 Dec 2006, 12:09pm by Mike Tanier

Week 16 Rundown: Xmas in Dallas

This week, Mike Tanier introduces Hermey the Football Outsiders Playoff Scenario Elf, looks for swagger in Seattle, smells onions in Detroit, pays respect to Run-Run, and decks the halls with boughs of holly (15-yard penalty for excessive celebration).

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19 Dec 2006, 11:39am by Mike Tanier

All Garcia Does is Win; All Tanier Does is Rant

Mike Tanier goes on and on about the impending permanent takeover of Jeff Garcia as quarterback of the Eagles. (Click link to read more.)

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15 Dec 2006, 01:49pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: Leaf!

Independent filmmaker Tim Carr plans to bring the story of one of the NFL's biggest busts to the silver screen in Leaf: an Almost True Story. Find out what it takes to turn one of the most reviled sports figures in recent history into the sympathetic lead character in an unconventional cautionary tale. (And no, this isn't one of Tanier's gags. It's a real movie.)

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14 Dec 2006, 12:09pm by Mike Tanier

Week 15 Rundown: The Cliche Quiz

Match the "we're still in the playoff hunt" cliche to the player who said it! Plus, are you tired of hearing about the alleged Colts run defense? Not as tired as Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor, who wanted to lay down and rest but couldn't find anyone willing to tackle them. Plus: Tony Romo is not the savior, so let's pack up the hype machine and head to Vince Young's house.

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13 Dec 2006, 12:40pm by Mike Tanier

Who is the Rookie of the Year?

The Rookie of the Year race is coming down to the wire. Mike Tanier provides an analysis of which contenders remain. (Click link to read more.)

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10 Dec 2006, 01:38pm by Mike Tanier

Overheard at FO

Thoughts of the Football Outsiders staff from this weekend's games. (Click link to read more.)

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08 Dec 2006, 12:43pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: Line Changes

It's Week 14. Do you know where your offensive line is? Mike Tanier tracks the changes each NFL team has made this season on the offensive line and discovers which teams have enjoyed the most stability up front.

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