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11 Jan 2006, 05:41pm by Mike Tanier

2006 Divisional Round Rundown

Whoo-hoo! Mike Tanier signs up for the nasty Patriot fans e-mail list by predicting "Broncos vs. Colts III: Revenge of the Deep Fried Secondary." Mike also picks one road upset: Carolina.

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06 Jan 2006, 01:28pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: The Big Jaworski

NFL Matchup is the pregame show for the discerning fan, and nobody explains the subtleties of football like Ron Jaworski. So how could Aaron and Mike refuse a chance to spend a full day studying film with Jaws himself? Sit in with us as we learn at the feet of The Dude in an extra deep edition of Too Deep Zone.

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04 Jan 2006, 11:48pm by Mike Tanier

2006 Wild Card Weekend Rundown

In the Wild Card Weekend rundown: The Unknown Jacksonville Jaguars, cooking ideas for the Bengals, Tampa and Washington search for a second receiver, and the Giants and Panthers in "Battle of the Cutback Runners."

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30 Dec 2005, 10:00am by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: All-Rookie Team

The first annual Too Deep Zone All-Rookie Team is built for smashmouth football. The linebackers are outstanding, the secondary is solid, and the running back can move the chains. There's even depth at punter. Just don't expect a great passing attack.

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28 Dec 2005, 05:17pm by Mike Tanier

Week 17 Rundown

Football Outsiders celebrates Boxing Day a little late by switching around the rundown. Last shall be first and first shall be last, so we start off with Houston and San Francisco. We also introduce the Five Stages of Young Quarterback Rejection and pat ourselves on the back for predicting Tampa Bay would win the division. Well, we pat the computer on the back. Does the computer have a back?

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23 Dec 2005, 02:32pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: The Longest Christmas

Christmas may be one of the shortest days of the year, but the longest game in NFL history was played on December 25, 1971. Mike Tanier looks back on one of the most thrilling games ever played.

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22 Dec 2005, 01:49am by Mike Tanier

Week 16 Rundown

Seattle-Indy has lost its luster, we all remember what happened the last time Washington played the Giants the week after a blowout win, and we have good news for Atlanta: it will not be below freezing in Tampa Bay. All that plus the odds on where Norv Turner will be working in 2006 in this week's Mike Tanier Rundown.

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16 Dec 2005, 11:21am by Mike Tanier

The (Original) Fantasy Football Hall of Fame

A Hall of Fame and museum dedicated to fantasy football may soon be built in Southern New Jersey, and our own Mike Tanier was honored to serve on the selection committee. Find out all of the fascinating, not-at-all fictitious details in this week's Too Deep Zone.

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14 Dec 2005, 04:47pm by Mike Tanier

Week 15 Rundown

We look at this week's slate of games, featuring the Cowboys vs. trees, the Texans vs. the devil, and the Patriots vs. the Bucs for only the sixth time in NFL history.

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09 Dec 2005, 10:46am by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: Short Runs

The Panthers and Cardinals are taking the phrase "three yards and a cloud of dust" too literally; they are in danger of averaging just three yards per carry for the season. Mike Tanier takes a look at the lowest rushing averages of recent history. Plus, quarterback self-passes and the ultimate college football argument settler.

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