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01 Mar 2006, 11:22am by Mike Tanier

Four Downs: NFC West

What's on the menu in this NFC West edition of Four Downs? How about Cardinals football on a retractable shingle? Plus, a short march for Shaun Alexander, Marc Bulger representin' the Lollipop Guild, foolproof free agent strategies, and the usual Norv Turner bashing.

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20 Feb 2006, 03:46pm by Mike Tanier

Four Downs: AFC West

Two teams court T.O., Al Davis seeks swagger, ex-assistants fire off at Marty Schottenheimer, Herm Edwards and Gunther Cunningham talk turkey, A.J. Smith and Drew Brees play chicken, and Ty Law and Jason Whitlock drink Grey Goose. Mike Tanier brings you all of this, plus all of the Heimerdinger you can handle.

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27 Jan 2006, 09:54am by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: Hines 57

Superstar receiver. Ex-quarterback. Special teams gunner. Blocker extraordinaire. Ultimate team player. Cheap-shot artist. R/C racing enthusiast. Asian-American role model. In the final Too Deep Zone of the year, Mike Tanier provides fast facts on a player some feel is so underrated that he's overrated and a man Benedictine monks call "a wonderful human being."

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18 Jan 2006, 04:03pm by Mike Tanier

2006 Conference Championships Rundown

When it comes to this weekend's championship games, home is where the hair is. Or, in the case of Matt Hasselbeck, where the hair isn't. Mike Tanier's prediction? In the end, the two best offensive lines in football will face off in Super Bowl XL.

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13 Jan 2006, 01:42am by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: The Seattle Five

Offensive linemen, even great ones, often toil in anonymity. Mike Tanier profiles the five starters on the Seahawks offensive line, learning how five disparate personalities combine to form one of the best blocking fronts in the NFL.

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11 Jan 2006, 05:41pm by Mike Tanier

2006 Divisional Round Rundown

Whoo-hoo! Mike Tanier signs up for the nasty Patriot fans e-mail list by predicting "Broncos vs. Colts III: Revenge of the Deep Fried Secondary." Mike also picks one road upset: Carolina.

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06 Jan 2006, 01:28pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: The Big Jaworski

NFL Matchup is the pregame show for the discerning fan, and nobody explains the subtleties of football like Ron Jaworski. So how could Aaron and Mike refuse a chance to spend a full day studying film with Jaws himself? Sit in with us as we learn at the feet of The Dude in an extra deep edition of Too Deep Zone.

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04 Jan 2006, 11:48pm by Mike Tanier

2006 Wild Card Weekend Rundown

In the Wild Card Weekend rundown: The Unknown Jacksonville Jaguars, cooking ideas for the Bengals, Tampa and Washington search for a second receiver, and the Giants and Panthers in "Battle of the Cutback Runners."

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30 Dec 2005, 10:00am by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: All-Rookie Team

The first annual Too Deep Zone All-Rookie Team is built for smashmouth football. The linebackers are outstanding, the secondary is solid, and the running back can move the chains. There's even depth at punter. Just don't expect a great passing attack.

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28 Dec 2005, 05:17pm by Mike Tanier

Week 17 Rundown

Football Outsiders celebrates Boxing Day a little late by switching around the rundown. Last shall be first and first shall be last, so we start off with Houston and San Francisco. We also introduce the Five Stages of Young Quarterback Rejection and pat ourselves on the back for predicting Tampa Bay would win the division. Well, we pat the computer on the back. Does the computer have a back?

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