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15 Nov 2016, 07:00pm by Rivers McCown

Any Given Sunday: Seahawks Over Patriots

It's been a year without a truly dominant team, but did we see one begin to emerge on Sunday night?

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08 Nov 2016, 01:46pm by Rivers McCown

Any Given Sunday: Colts Over Packers

The same old, same old produces some wacky results sometimes.

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01 Nov 2016, 10:55am by Rivers McCown

Any Given Sunday: Saints Over Seahawks

Russell Wilson's mobility is still compromised, and some home cookin' and typically good Saints offense were able to lead New Orleans to victory.

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24 Oct 2016, 11:03pm by Rivers McCown

Any Given Sunday: Eagles Over Vikings

Do you like defense? Do you enjoy when quarterbacks have no time to throw? Well, you should have watched Arizona and Seattle tie on Sunday night. But also, this game.

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18 Oct 2016, 11:14am by Rivers McCown

Any Given Sunday: Dolphins Over Steelers

The Miami Dolphins stumble their way into some decent personnel ideas, while the Pittsburgh Steelers stumble into another Ben Roethlisberger injury.

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13 Oct 2016, 01:26pm by Rivers McCown

ESPN: Why San Diego Should Trade Rivers

From one Rivers to another, a look at why the San Diego Chargers should trade Philip Rivers in the offseason -- and where they should trade him to.

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10 Oct 2016, 03:17pm by Rivers McCown

Any Given Sunday: Lions Over Eagles

Philadelphia's defense futzed around long enough to get Detroit into the game, and then its offense struggled to punch it in, creating this week's upset.

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29 Aug 2016, 03:00pm by Rivers McCown

ESPN: Joey Bosa's Holdout Won't Affect His Play

The San Diego Chargers finally agreed to a contract with No. 3 overall pick Joey Bosa today. There are no details yet on which side blinked when it comes to the "offset language" they were fighting over. However, a historical look at rookie holdouts by top-ten picks suggests that the holdout won't actually affect the production the Chargers can expect to get from Bosa in his first NFL season.

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01 Aug 2015, 02:23pm by Rivers McCown

Three-Cone Drill Podcast (Ben Muth): Games Offensive Linemen Play

Three FO'ers at various times get together on a podcast, where they discuss offensive line play and also King of the Hill and wrestling. (Parental discretion is advised, especially for the wrestling part.)

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08 Jan 2015, 02:13pm by Rivers McCown

Bill Connelly on Three-Cone Drill Podcast

Danny and Rivers talk to Bill about F+, the current college layout, and barbecue. Oh, and a quick preview of the College Football Playoff championship game snuck in at the end.

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