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18 Sep 2013, 01:56pm by Rivers McCown

Ryan Clady Placed on IR

"Now we'll really see what Peyton Manning is made of!" ... is what I'd say if we didn't already see that in his last few years in Indianapolis with a bad offensive line.

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18 Sep 2013, 12:03pm by Rivers McCown

Tale of the Tape: Welker's Second Touchdown

Baltimore Sun blogger Matt Vensel analyzes Wes Welker's second touchdown from the Ravens' opening night loss in Denver. We've linked to a few of these types of pieces over the years, but this is different because it actually has quotes from Ravens cornerback Corey Graham, explaining it from his perspective.

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17 Sep 2013, 12:39pm by Rivers McCown

ESPN: Tampa's Problems Lie with Freeman

Yes, penalties are bad. And yes, Greg Schiano isn't on the cutting edge of clock management strategy. But the real problem in Tampa Bay is that Josh Freeman is too inconsistent to fit what Schiano wants to do on offense.

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16 Sep 2013, 12:03pm by Rivers McCown

MMQB: 12th Man

PK writes that the rest of the NFC better not let Seattle get home-field advantage in the playoffs, spills over into some Johnny Football vs. Alabama college talk, and praises Andy Reid's start in Kansas City.

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16 Sep 2013, 06:33am by Rivers McCown

Audibles at the Line: Week 2

Tampa's end-of-game management: questioned! Indianapolis' defense: possibly getting worse? San Francisco's offensive line: what happened?

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15 Sep 2013, 08:04am by Rivers McCown

Three-Cone Drill: Jump to Conclusions

What would happen if Shiloh Keo actually played a good game? What would happen if we just stopped asking random famous people questions about Johnny Manziel?

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10 Sep 2013, 02:36pm by Rivers McCown

ESPN: Can Terrelle Pryor Save the Raiders?

Terrelle Pryor showcased a lot of speed on the edge against the Colts, but how should we weigh that against Indy's poor defense?

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09 Sep 2013, 01:05pm by Rivers McCown

MMQB: Boldin Has Last Laugh

PK on Week 1 storylines like Anquan Boldin vanquishing the Packers and Terrelle Pryor's debut, then PK actually goes on NFL Rewind to look at parts of the Ravens-Broncos game.

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09 Sep 2013, 09:48am by Rivers McCown

Audibles at the Line: Week 1

We debut our new format, the Steelers debut an offense worthy of a National Jump to Conclusions Week debate, David Wilson is not 99 percent effective, and the Packers and 49ers put on a passing show at Candlestick.

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06 Sep 2013, 08:50am by Rivers McCown

Audibles Opening Night Special 2013

Peyton Manning: still good at football.

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