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28 Aug 2013, 12:40pm by Rivers McCown

FO Book Review: Sports Analytics by Ben Alamar

Ben Alamar provides his take on the state of sports analytics in Sports Analytics: A Guide for Coaches, Managers, and Other Decision Makers

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26 Aug 2013, 12:46pm by Rivers McCown

MMQB: Arian Foster Mystery Man

PK talks Arian Foster's slow build up to the season, Rex Ryan's bizarre press conference, Ray Guy's HOF candidacy, and more tidbits from camps.

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19 Aug 2013, 09:19am by Rivers McCown

2012 Fumble Luck

Who got luckiest when the pointy ball hit the ground last year? Which teams can we expect to see a little rebound this year based on regression to the mean?

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19 Aug 2013, 01:32am by Rivers McCown

MMQB: Chuckstrong Revisited

PK focuses on Chuck Pagano's return to the Colts and gives tidbits from games and camps he has attended this spring.

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12 Aug 2013, 04:40pm by Rivers McCown

RGIII, Mike Shanahan, and Washington's Offense

Ben Muth (hey, I know that guy!) looks at Mike Shanahan's offense for SB Nation and finds that not much has actually changed from the John Elway days.

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12 Aug 2013, 04:38pm by Rivers McCown

Five Key Plays from (Preseason) Week 1

Matt Bowen, with his first column on Bleacher Report, explains the X's and O's of Chris Johnson's long touchdown run and Jon Bostic's interception return, among others.

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12 Aug 2013, 04:36pm by Rivers McCown

Same Old Chip

Chris Brown on what can be gleaned from the looks the Eagles showed in the preseason.

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12 Aug 2013, 08:52am by Rivers McCown

MMQB: Camp Observations, Week 2

Featured: the Chiefs (Andy Reid), the Rams (Tavon Austin), the Bears-Panthers game, the Titans-Redskins game (Chance Warmack), the Falcons (Brian Banks), the Redskins (RGIII), and the Ravens (offeseason retrospective).

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05 Aug 2013, 02:50pm by Rivers McCown

MMQB: Tales From the Camp Road

This week, PK is on the road with thoughts on LeVeon Bell, the Bills, Riley Cooper, and more. Also: a plug for some book we wrote.

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05 Aug 2013, 10:38am by Rivers McCown

FOA 2013 MEDIA: SB Nation

As in past years, we've done a number of interviews with various SB Nation websites to promote Football Outsiders Almanac 2013. (Click to read more.)

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