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22 Jul 2013, 09:00am by Rivers McCown

MMQB: Dawn of a New Era

PK launches his new site today. Best of luck to him, as well as Andy Benoit and Doug Farrar, who will be part of the staff. (Not to mention friends of the program like Greg Bedard.)

Oh, right, and this spells out PK's training camp tour itinerary and has some thoughts on Hall of Fame week.

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19 Jul 2013, 12:25pm by Rivers McCown

A Better Box Score

Smart Football looks at fairly simple ways to have the box score contain much more information than it does now.

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19 Jul 2013, 12:22pm by Rivers McCown

Birth Of The Yellow Line

The story behind the birth of the virtual first-down marker used on telecasts.

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17 Jul 2013, 08:22am by Rivers McCown

The Alex Smith Conundrum

Is the solid still worth more than the unknown? (Click to read more.)

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15 Jul 2013, 06:41pm by Rivers McCown

Bengals Re-Sign Carlos Dunlap

Reported terms: six years, $40 million, $20 million in the first two years.

No deal, Michael Johnson, that moon money is Dunlap's!

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15 Jul 2013, 02:22am by Rivers McCown

MMQB: Manziel and Hernandez

Peter King returns to his own column, talks about Johnny Manziel's weekend with dehydration and lessons from the Aaron Hernandez situation.

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14 Jul 2013, 09:14pm by Rivers McCown

Ryan Clady, Broncos, Agree to Five-Year Extension

Reported terms: five years, $57.5 million, $33 million guaranteed.

Too bad, I really wanted to see that rumored three-year, $33 million contract that was completely guaranteed come through the vine. I liked the idea of that one. Still, locking up your All-Pro left tackle is probably a pretty good idea.

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09 Jul 2013, 04:09pm by Rivers McCown

Stafford, Lions, Agree to Extension

Reported terms: three years, $53 million, and $43 million in guaranteed money.

If that sounds like an overpay, keep in mind they were negotiating from a contract that has the second-biggest cap hit in the league this season. Detroit didn't have many good options for spreading out bonuses or anything in this re-negotiation.

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09 Jul 2013, 01:49pm by Rivers McCown

Can Kenny Britt Become the Next Great Wideout?

Chase and Tom discuss Kenny Britt's future in Tennessee and preview the Titans season.

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09 Jul 2013, 01:10pm by Rivers McCown

Talking NFL with Rivers McCown

I'm doing a little chat on ReplyAll.me today with Zach Abramowitz. Join the fun!

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