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17 Oct 2011, 09:33am by Rivers McCown

Audibles at the Line: Week 6

Is Devin Hester a Hall Of Famer? Why was Nate Burleson's catch not cancelled via the Calvin Johnson rule? Is this the untimely end of Rex Grossman?

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17 Oct 2011, 12:24am by Rivers McCown

Raiders 'Pushing Hard' for Palmer Trade

According to Jason Cole of Yahoo, the Raiders moved right into trying to trade for retired Cincinnati quarterback Carson Palmer after learning that incumbent starter Jason Campbell has been lost for the season.

Of course, it's unlikely anything will happen given Mike Brown's stance on the Palmer situation. But hey: trade deadline speculation thread!

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16 Oct 2011, 05:42pm by Rivers McCown

ESPN: Don't Write Off the Jets Just Yet

DVOA doesn't back up their 2-3 record, and the Jets are still a very good team despite their poor start.

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14 Oct 2011, 01:03pm by Rivers McCown

Broncos Place Lloyd on Trading Block

KUBIAK has already offered a future third-round pick for him!

The Broncos appear to be looking to deal Brandon Lloyd at the deadline. A few teams have expressed interest in Lloyd according to the Denver Post report, including Tennessee and Carolina. However, local writers for both the Panthers and Titans have already second-guessed just how much interest their teams would have in Lloyd.

And hey, this would also be a good thread to discuss the other trades this week: Houston picking up Derrick Mason for a conditional seventh-rounder and Aaron Curry being dealt to Oakland for a seventh-rounder in 2012 and a conditional fifth-rounder in 2013.

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14 Oct 2011, 10:04am by Rivers McCown

The Week In Quotes: October 14, 2011

Chad Ochocinco assuages the hearts and minds of lonely high schoolers, and Todd Haley has a new way for his team to bond. Just quote, baby!

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12 Oct 2011, 02:31pm by Rivers McCown

Harbaugh and How the 49ers Were Built

Jim Harbaugh's coaching resume is given the profile treatment by Chase Stuart over at the New York Times' Fifth Down blog.

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12 Oct 2011, 02:19pm by Rivers McCown

Al Davis' Strategic Legacy

Grantland's Chris Brown takes a look at the strategic foundation of Al Davis' offenses. Yes, there was more to it than chucking the ball deep.

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11 Oct 2011, 03:59pm by Rivers McCown

Phoenix Will Host 2015 Super Bowl

Arizona's University of Phoenix stadium will host it's second Super Bowl after beating out Tampa's bid for the 2015 event. The last one, as you may remember, involved David Tyree, an 18-0 Patriots team, and one of the better Super Bowls in NFL history.

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11 Oct 2011, 01:01pm by Rivers McCown

Tim Tebow Named Starting Quarterback in Denver

The Denver Post reports that players were told at an 8 a.m. meeting that Kyle Orton has lost the starting job to Tim Tebow. Perhaps the Dolphins and Broncos can work something out for Orton before the trade deadline?

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10 Oct 2011, 03:17am by Rivers McCown

Audibles at the Line: Week 5

Are the 49ers for real? What is wrong with Atlanta's offense? Can Mike Tanier's hatred of Juan Castillo be properly quantified at this point?

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