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05 Aug 2011, 01:18pm by Rivers McCown

The NFL Star And The Brain Injuries That Destroyed Him

Dave Duerson chose to give his brain to The Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy, and the early results from their experiments on the brains of deceased football players are pretty hard to stomach.

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05 Aug 2011, 10:55am by Rivers McCown

The Week In Quotes: August 5, 2011

Some teams may proclaim to be the "dream team," but everybody is dreaming about their new futures in this week's best quotes. Except of course for Chad Ochocinco, who hasn't slept since he stopped eating McDonald's.

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03 Aug 2011, 10:27pm by Rivers McCown

Bubba Smith Dies

Former All-Pro Colts defensive end Bubba Smith passed away on Wednesday afternoon at the age of 66. No cause of death was immediately announced. He was a Super Bowl champion with the 1971 Colts and was named to the College Football Hall of Fame in 1988.

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02 Aug 2011, 05:25pm by Rivers McCown

Seahawks Reportedly Sign Miller Away From Oakland

No one can say Tarvaris Jackson doesn't have any weapons to work with. According to John Clayton, the Seahawks have outbid the Raiders for the services of the 26-year-old tight end. No monetary details yet, but it's probably a fairly big contract if the Raiders offered Miller anything close to the money they gave to the rest of their free agents.

EDIT: Here's the contract. Five years, $34 million, and $17 million guaranteed. That's all it took!

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02 Aug 2011, 04:59pm by Rivers McCown

Saints Reportedly Agree To Terms With Aubrayo Franklin

San Francisco nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin, coming off a season where he was franchised and played extremely well, reportedly settled for a one-year deal with New Orleans. Should be pretty interesting to see how Gregg Williams uses Franklin, Sedrick Ellis, and Shaun Rogers together.

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02 Aug 2011, 03:43pm by Rivers McCown

Vikings To Release Bryant McKinnie

I guess this better explains the Charlie Johnson signing for Minnesota. Former Pro Bowler Bryant McKinnie was granted his release after nine seasons in purple as his weight problems and off-the-field issues finally became too much to deal with for the Vikings.

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01 Aug 2011, 01:10pm by Rivers McCown

Randy Moss Retires

After falling from Patriots No. 1 receiver to Titans decoy last year, Randy Moss has decided to retire. He finishes his career with seven Pro Bowl selections, four All-Pro selections, and tied for second all-time with 153 touchdown receptions.

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26 Jul 2011, 06:23pm by Rivers McCown

Report: Quintin Mikell Agrees To Four-Year Deal With Rams

Adam Schefter is reporting that Eagles safety Quintin Mikell has agreed to a four-year deal with the Rams. More information as it becomes available. Per Schefter on TV, the total compensation will be $28 million.

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26 Jul 2011, 05:45pm by Rivers McCown

Report: Charles Johnson Re-Signs With Panthers

Per Pro Football Talk, the Panthers have agreed to terms with defensive end Charles Johnson on a six-year, $76 million deal with $32 million in guaranteed money. $30 million of that guaranteed money will come as a signing bonus. Not bad for someone who had only started four games prior to the 2010 season.

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26 Jul 2011, 02:56pm by Rivers McCown

The NFL's Great Scrambling Act

FO alum Bill Barnwell previews the NFL's free agency period for Grantland. Lots of top five lists to pick through here, including a section on overrated and underrated players.

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