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31 Dec 2014, 12:26pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Wild Card Fantasy Matchups

If you could only pick one this week: Dez Bryant or Calvin Johnson? Is Ryan Lindley a bargain to load up on the wide receivers, or is he destined for single-digit points? Is DeMarco Murray too expensive against the best run defense now that Ndamukong Suh is allowed to play? Should we even bother looking at any Pittsburgh running back this week? We answer these questions and more to help set up your rosters for salary-cap leagues for this Wild Card weekend.

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30 Dec 2014, 04:49pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Season Review/Week 17

How did your team fare in close games this season? We also recap Week 17 with its AFC North drama, another Lions letdown, the Rams' incredible bad luck and a farewell to Captain Comeback.

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24 Dec 2014, 03:14am by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Week 17 Fantasy Matchups

This is probably the week to avoid fantasy players from the Patriots and Colts with those teams locked into their playoff seed. Some of our favorite Week 17 matchups for salary-cap leagues include Cam Newton, Teddy Bridgewater, Justin Forsett and Terrance Williams.

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23 Dec 2014, 09:09pm by Scott Kacsmar

2015 Pro Bowl Rosters Revealed

The 2015 Pro Bowl rosters are revealed. Who was snubbed?

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23 Dec 2014, 03:01pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Week 16

The Bengals win in prime time. Also: milestone for Rivers, Rex's last stand, the bizarre NFC South, and why didn't Chip Kelly let Washington score?

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21 Dec 2014, 07:22pm by Scott Kacsmar

Game Preview: DEN-CIN

Maybe the Bengals are a paper tiger, but are they really that bad in prime time games? Is Peyton Manning struggling in Denver's new offense? We detail the Monday night clash.

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16 Dec 2014, 08:54pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Week 16 Fantasy Matchups

Some of our favorite Week 16 matchups for salary-cap leagues include Matthew Stafford, C.J. Anderson, Jeremy Maclin and Travis Kelce. I also think Alex Smith will actually throw a touchdown to a wide receiver (Dwayne Bowe) while Kyle Orton will help Charles Woodson get his 60th career interception. A high-priced stack of Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson in Tampa Bay is something you'll want to do as well.

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16 Dec 2014, 04:49pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Week 15

One-point rallies and questionable punts highlight a Week 15 with 10 close finishes. Did Jay Gruden give up on winning? Also: familiar blueprint beats Packers.

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12 Dec 2014, 02:56pm by Scott Kacsmar

NFL Divisional Rematches Study

Does the outcome of one divisional game really have an impact on the rematch? We studied every divisional matchup from 2002-2013.

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10 Dec 2014, 11:21am by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Week 15 Fantasy Matchups

Some of our favorite Week 15 matchups for salary-cap leagues include Matt Ryan, Isaiah Crowell, Odell Beckham, Martellus Bennett and just about anyone in the Steelers-Falcons game.

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