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13 Oct 2016, 04:47pm by Scott Kacsmar

2016 ALEX: The Early Results

Our first look at ALEX in 2016 finds familiar traits for Ben Roethlisberger and Blaine Gabbert, but what have we learned about the three rookie starters?

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12 Oct 2016, 12:48pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Week 6 DFS Matchups

At ESPN Insider, some of our favorite Week 6 DFS matchups include Andy Dalton, LeSean McCoy, Jarvis Landry, and Jimmy Graham. We also look at which format is best for Ezekiel Elliott in Green Bay, and if there is anyone playable from the Falcons in Seattle. Also, a look back at last week finds a changing of the guard in Chicago at the two major skill positions.

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11 Oct 2016, 03:39pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Week 5

Carolina falls to 1-4 in a sloppy matchup with Tampa Bay. Also: Carson Wentz picks the wrong time to up his air yards, Marc Trestman gets himself fired, more Star Wars numbers in Indy, more heartache for San Diego, and are the Dolphins the most hopeless team in the NFL?

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05 Oct 2016, 03:00pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Week 5 DFS Matchups

At ESPN Insider, some of our favorite Week 5 DFS matchups include Brian Hoyer, Devonta Freeman, Amari Cooper, and Martellus Bennett. We are fading Matt Ryan one week after his 500-yard performance, because of the Denver defense at home. Finally, load up on Odell Beckham Jr. against the Packers. He should silence the critics for at least one week.

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04 Oct 2016, 03:24pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Week 4

What were the warning signs that the Arizona Cardinals might regress? Also: San Diego blows another one, phantom calls in D.C., the Colts get sacked in London, and what would a "BLAINE" stat entail?

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30 Sep 2016, 03:38pm by Scott Kacsmar

Quarterbacks and the Progression of Air Yards

Trevor Siemian and Carson Wentz rank in the bottom three in average air yards. Do good quarterbacks usually increase their air yards with more experience, or do their passes actually get shorter over time?

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30 Sep 2016, 11:43am by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Are Broncos Better This Year?

So far, yes! But can their offense keep up this above-average production? And what happens when other AFC contenders get stars back from injury and/or suspension?

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28 Sep 2016, 04:09pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Week 4 DFS Matchups

At ESPN Insider, some of our favorite Week 4 DFS matchups include Joe Flacco, Melvin Gordon, Terrelle Pryor and Zach Miller. We are fading the injured Russell Wilson and Dez Bryant.

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27 Sep 2016, 03:27pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Week 3

T.Y. Hilton to the rescue in Indy. Also: Trevor Siemian's big day, The Terrelle Pryor Show, Washington's must-have comeback, and Tennessee's Exotic Smashmouth is so indecent.

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23 Sep 2016, 04:42pm by Scott Kacsmar

Member Berries: Flashback to 2008 Steelers-Eagles

Remember when the Eagles sacked Ben Roethlisberger eight times in 2008? Scott Kacsmar takes a stroll down memory lane with a look at the last time the Steelers played in Philadelphia, the No. 1 team in DVOA in 2008.

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