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18 Dec 2013, 02:00pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Week 16 Fantasy Matchups

It's championship week. The Cowboys have allowed 82 points on the scoreboard (and on just 20 drives) to backup quarterbacks the last two weeks. Can Kirk Cousins be the third in a row to shred Dallas and lead your team to a championship? Also, start your Titans and be cautious with the Saints and Patriots on the road.

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17 Dec 2013, 02:25pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Week 15

The Dallas soap opera continues. Also: Holy Tucker, Miami's biggest win in years, San Diego's familiar Peyton strategy, and a near-comeback classic in Nashville.

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12 Dec 2013, 05:16pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Benching Josh McCown Is a Mistake

Jay Cutler is back as Chicago's starting quarterback, but has Marc Trestman made a mistake in benching Josh McCown during one of the best backup efforts ever?

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11 Dec 2013, 02:08pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Week 15 Fantasy Matchups

In writing the article yesterday, I noted that while Robert Griffin III had a great matchup, you could not trust him to start this week. Sure enough, the plug's been pulled and it's Kirk Cousins time in Washington. At least Andrew Luck is worth a start this week...

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10 Dec 2013, 03:48pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Week 14

Six lead changes in Baltimore. Also: Tom Brady ties a Joe Montana feat, Antonio Brown feels frosty in a cold world, the Packers end a streak, and a fitting farewell for Gary Kubiak.

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06 Dec 2013, 01:29pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Legend of Riverboat Ron

People can change, but has Ron Rivera really shed his conservative skin this season? We study the impact and aggressiveness of his fourth-down calls.

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04 Dec 2013, 03:48pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Week 14 Fantasy Matchups

Drew Brees faces a tough matchup for the second week in a row, but things should be much different in the Superdome on Sunday night. The quarterback you'll want to avoid leading your team in the fantasy playoffs is Andrew Luck.

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03 Dec 2013, 03:05pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Week 13

Analyzing why the Colts should have went for a two-point conversion, up by seven. Also: bad field goal decisions and Al Michaels loses it over nothing.

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27 Nov 2013, 02:46pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Week 13 Fantasy Matchups

We highlight the three Thanksgiving matchups for the notable fantasy players. Matt Flynn will try to recreate "480/6" against the Lions while Tony Romo gets another crack against a bad opponent on the holiday.

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26 Nov 2013, 03:15pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Week 12

Bill Belichick inherits the wind in Manning-Brady XIV. Also: Rivers and Romo get it done, the fall of the Falcons and Texans, and another disgusting divisional tie.

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