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03 Mar 2017, 08:54am by Tom Gower

Four Downs: AFC South

Welcome to the NFL's worst division, where every team has gaping holes at critical positions with no obvious answers in sight.

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28 Feb 2017, 02:38pm by Tom Gower

Chiefs Re-sign Eric Berry, Blow Away SS Market

The long-running battle between the Kansas City Chiefs and Eric Berry has ended with a victory for Berry. With the franchise tag deadline approaching, the Chiefs and Berry agreed to terms on a deal Ian Rapoport is reporting to be for $78 million over six years, including a $20 million signing bonus and $40 million in total guarantees.

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16 Feb 2017, 04:59pm by Tom Gower

20 Plays Every NFL Coach Should Steal

Great X & O piece today by Matt Bowen, breaking down 20 plays run by NFL teams that other NFL teams should probably steal. Obviously, not every team is going to run the Titans' or Patriots' QB sweep, but there's a lot of good stuff in here. I'm particularly fond of the Seahawks' 3 Mable to deal with trips.

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02 Feb 2017, 01:28am by Tom Gower

Colts P Pat McAfee Retires, Joins Barstool Sports

Late night breaking news: Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee has decided to retire and join Barstool Sports. Just 29, he cites his third knee surgery in four seasons as one of the reasons to make the move now. He had a bit of a down year by our numbers in 2016, but has been one of the better punters in the league and also a pretty darned good kickoff man.

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12 Jan 2017, 05:15pm by Tom Gower

Rams Hire Sean McVay as Head Coach

It's official. The Los Angeles Rams have hired Washington offensive coordinator Sean McVay as their new head coach. McVay, who turns 31 in two weeks, is the youngest head coach in modern NFL history and will be younger than some of the players on his team's roster. The Washington offenses he coordinated ranked 28th in 2014, 12th in 2015, and 5th in 2016 by DVOA. After "fixing" Kirk Cousins, his next job will be to help "fix" Jared Goff and the rest of the Rams 32nd-ranked offense, while improving the defense and selling the team in one of the biggest media markets. A very interesting hire.

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12 Jan 2017, 02:21pm by Tom Gower

Stat History: RB Rushing DYAR vs. YAR Records

It passed a bit under the radar, but 2016 was a historical season for running backs and how much schedule affected their productivity through the prism of our advanced stats. (Click to read more.)

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09 Jan 2017, 05:56pm by Tom Gower

Jaguars Name Marrone Head Coach, Coughlin VP

The Jacksonville Jaguars have made a decision on their next head coach, and the name is a familiar one. Doug Marrone, who began the 2016 season as the offensive line coach and ended it as the interim head coach, has been named to the permanent job.

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01 Jan 2017, 09:55pm by Tom Gower

Black Monday Open Discussion Thread

Here's our traditional Black Monday discussion thread, chronicling the senior NFL coaches and front office executives who will not be in their present jobs next season. (Click to read more.)

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18 Dec 2016, 06:53pm by Tom Gower

Jaguars Fire HC Gus Bradley

In the wake of today's blown lead and loss to the Houston Texans that dropped them to 2-12 on the season, the Jacksonville Jaguars have fired head coach Gus Bradley. Bradley provided great enthusiasm but found little success on the field in nearly four seasons in Jacksonville. He finishes with a career record of 14-48. An interim head coach was not immediately announced.

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14 Nov 2016, 06:16pm by Tom Gower

Alshon Jeffery Suspended Four Games For PED Violation

Chicago Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffery has been suspended four games for a violation of the NFL's policy on performance-enhancing substances. The fifth-year wide receiver, playing this season under the franchise tag, ranked 16th among qualifying WRs in receiving DYAR and 20th in DVOA heading into yesterday's loss to Tampa Bay. He will miss Chicago's games at the Giants, home against the Titans and 49ers, and at Detroit before returning to face the Packers in Week 15.

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