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20 Feb 2012, 10:49am by Tom Gower

MMQB: Luck and Griffin

In this week's Monday Morning Quarterback, Peter King shares insights on the draft's top two quarterbacks from his conversations with their collegiate head coaches. Raheem Morris also blames the Bucs' lack of success in 2011 compared to 2010 on not winning close games. King prefers to point out the Bucs didn't actually play many close games the second half of 2011 and questions Morris's fitness for another head coaching job. Stats are for losers!

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16 Feb 2012, 03:54pm by Tom Gower

The Tom Coughlin All-Stars

Manning or Brunell? Strahan, Brackens, or JPP? Who are the best players to take the field for Tom Coughlin?

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13 Feb 2012, 01:51pm by Tom Gower

Four Downs: AFC West

Going through the AFC West, we find the Broncos trying to rebuild the secondary, the Raiders looking for linebackers, and the Chiefs just trying to get their 2010 playoff team healthy again.

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09 Feb 2012, 06:32pm by Tom Gower

Raiders Release Stanford Routt

The Oakland Raiders announced they have released cornerback Stanford Routt. Routt signed a 3-year, $31.5 million extension last February which was restructured into a 5-year, $54 million deal in September for cap reasons. I thought Routt was clearly the Raiders' best corner last season, and do not really understand the move at all.

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09 Feb 2012, 04:14pm by Tom Gower

Top 50 Free Agents

Pete Prisco, who's one of those writers who actually watches games, put together a list of the top 50 free agents that I think is pretty sensible. Pro tip: if you're putting a list like this together and Brandon Carr isn't towards the top, you probably need to revise your list.

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07 Feb 2012, 02:43pm by Tom Gower

Ricky Williams to Retire?

Ricky Williams has reportedly told the Ravens he plans to retire. He was under contract for 2012 and had previously indicated he planned to play next season, but apparently changed his mind. This is not, of course, Ricky's first retirement, as he first walked away from the game after back-to-back seasons with at least 380 carries in 2002 and 2003 before returning. We'll see if this one sticks. Here's what he had to say on Twitter after the news broke:

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06 Feb 2012, 12:12pm by Tom Gower

MMQB: After the Super Bowl

In this week's MMQB, Peter King covers Eli Manning, Andrew Luck, the Hall of Fame voting, his Steve Gleason story, and the Orlando Magic's Saturday travel difficulties.

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26 Jan 2012, 02:41pm by Tom Gower

Bucs Hire Greg Schiano

Adam Schefter is reporting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have agreed to hire current Rutgers football coach Greg Schiano as their next head coach. Schefter first reported the news this morning, and unlike the Bucs' pursuit on Sunday of Oregon head coach Chip Kelly, this deal seems to be done.

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20 Jan 2012, 07:57pm by Tom Gower

Dolphins to Name Joe Philbin Head Coach

As first reported by Adam Schefter, the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins will be Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. The Dolphins were previous involved in the Jeff Fisher derby and were also rumored to be hunting after other big name coaches (Cowher, Gruden, Billick). I have to admit Philbin kind of snuck up on me as a candidate, as I didn't hear his name much before this offseason, and he certainly lacks the pizzazz of the other names. He's not a name that will sell tickets, but winning seems to be the best long-term fan attractor.

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15 Jan 2012, 02:03pm by Tom Gower

Arrowhead Anxiety

Believe it or not, NFL front office executives may be paranoid, like to hire their own people, and can be overly detail-intensive even over ancillary things. When you're winning, this is called "commitment to excellent in all phases" and "perfectionist." When you're not, you're a "petty tyrant" and get compared to Captain Queeg (though not in this article).

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