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02 Jan 2016, 11:38pm by Tom Gower

NBC: Saving the Green Bay Packers

In this week's NBC/SNF feature, I became the latest person to write about Green Bay's offensive struggles this year, focusing on some of the numbers. For some of the tape behind what's gone wrong, see for instance Greg Cosell's piece on some of what went wrong against the Cardinals.

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17 Dec 2015, 02:01pm by Tom Gower

Current Tiebreaker Scenarios

Interested in who would make the playoffs under each potential tiebreaker scenario? The post linked, put together by commenter Travis, has all the different AFC possibilities, while this one has all the NFC possibilities. The AFC chart is a good explanation of why Jacksonville is at only 8.6% in our playoff odds despite being just a game back of Houston and Indianapolis: they'll need at least one Titans win or a Colts-Texans tie.

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10 Dec 2015, 02:41pm by Tom Gower

NBC: How Great Is J.J. Watt?

The Houston Texans are making their first appearance on Sunday Night Football this season, so I made another attempt to put J.J. Watt's dominance in some recent and historical perspective. Naturally, he now has a cast on his left hand/wrist and did not practice on Thursday.

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04 Dec 2015, 04:39pm by Tom Gower

Antonio Brown, Receiver of Renown

In advance of the Steelers playing the Colts, this week's NBC piece looks at Antonio Brown. ICYMI, he's really good and does a lot of things really well, though Todd Haley may be calling too many wide receiver screens.

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19 Nov 2015, 01:35pm by Tom Gower

NBC: Andy Dalton and the Problems of Familiarity

In this week's piece for NBC Sports, I go into more detail on Joe Goodberry's insight that Andy Dalton performs much better against teams the Bengals have not faced recently. Potentially good news for a bounceback on Sunday night against the Cardinals, and potentially very bad news yet again in the postseason.

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30 Oct 2015, 02:56pm by Tom Gower

NBC: Broncos-Packers Overload

In case you haven't noticed, the undefeated Packers are playing the undefeated Broncos on Sunday Night Football this week, and a couple 6-0 teams meeting up is kind of a big deal. So, I wrote a couple pieces about it.

Column #1, linked above, is about the Packers ranking third in most penalties through Week 6 after they were flagged for the third-fewest penalties last year, and just how big a deal that is likely to be.

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22 Oct 2015, 12:53pm by Tom Gower

Why I Drafted Jay Cutler, and What Happened from There

Very interesting piece by former Denver Broncos general manager Ted Sundquist on Jay Cutler, his pre-draft evaluation, and what went wrong for him in Denver. Maybe not many surprises in the piece, but a good insider perspective and a lot to chew on.

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15 Oct 2015, 12:58pm by Tom Gower

NBC: The 2015 Patriots by Patriots Standards

I swear, I proposed this idea before I saw Aaron write about some similar things for this week's DVOA column. Anyway, for this week's I took a look at the 2015 Patriots by the standards of the good Patriots teams of the past decade.

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08 Oct 2015, 02:31pm by Tom Gower

Dolphins Fire DC Kevin Coyle

The housecleaning continued in Miami today, as the team fired defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle three days after firing head coach Joe Philbin. Defensive backs coach Lou Anarumo has been promoted to fill the job.

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02 Oct 2015, 12:26pm by Tom Gower

NBC: Growth of Tight Ends in the NFL

In this week's NBC Sports feature, I take a pass on the potential Luke McCown-Brandon Weeden storylines in favor of taking a long-term look at the rise of tight ends in NFL passing games over the past 25 years.

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