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16 Oct 2013, 06:26pm by Tom Gower

Scramble: The Power of Location

Mike and Tom are inspired to debate the future of football statistics by Fangraphs.

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02 Oct 2013, 02:30pm by Tom Gower

Scramble: Quarterpoint Pole

Four games in, Mike and Tom look at receivers and backs with more than 250 yards and debate which of them will have 1,000-yard seasons at the end of the year.

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01 Oct 2013, 02:34pm by Tom Gower

Any Given Sunday: Bills Over Ravens

The Bills knock off the Ravens by stifling Joe Flacco and getting just enough on offense.

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24 Sep 2013, 01:25pm by Tom Gower

Any Given Sunday: Colts Over 49ers

The unsung MVP of Indianapolis' effort in San Francisco was ... the punter?

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05 Aug 2013, 02:27pm by Tom Gower

ESPN: Is Bears' Defense Too Old?

The answer: Probably not yet, but the Bears need to find some young stars to replace their aging veterans.

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31 Jul 2013, 03:50pm by Tom Gower

FOA 2013 MEDIA: Houston

Discussing Football Outsiders Almanac 2013 with Stephanie Stradley's Ultimate Texans blog.

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24 Jul 2013, 10:50pm by Tom Gower

The Wade Phillips All-Stars

Let's build Wade Phillips' super team, which will do well until Rob Johnson is put in at quarterback for no real reason.

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19 Jul 2013, 12:50pm by Tom Gower

Matching Up to 12

Looking at how defenses tried to match up to 12 personnel. Why are the Falcons and Packers massive outliers in this regard?

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08 Jul 2013, 01:27pm by Tom Gower

Giants Extend Victor Cruz

The Giants have reportedly agreed to terms with wide receiver Victor Cruz on a long-term contract. Jay Glazer reports the new deal adds 5 years and $43 million to his 1-year restricted free agent tender and includes $15.6 million in guaranteed money early in the deal. Cruz last year finished 41st in DVOA and 26th in DYAR among NFL wideouts after ranking 6th and 3rd, respectively, in 2011.

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08 Jul 2013, 12:15am by Tom Gower

MMQB: Austen Lane

Filling in as Mr. King continues his annual vacation is Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Austen Lane. A bit of an unconventional choice, Lane was supposed to write about playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars and looking ahead to the season to come, then they went and released him. Somehow, his Tweets of the Week section fails to mention those annoying fireworks pictures that seemed to come out of nowhere last week.

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