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04 Oct 2011, 12:05pm by Vince Verhei

ESPN AGS: 49ers over Eagles

The Eagles get rare back-to-back Any Given Sundays! Actually, they're barely mentioned at all here; instead, we talk about the playoff-bound San Francisco 49ers.

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04 Oct 2011, 10:10am by Vince Verhei

Week 4 Quick Reads

Calvin Johnson has eight touchdown catches in four games. Is Randy Moss' record in jeopardy? Plus: The MVP debate is officially underway, Wes Welker goes off the charts, and a lot of quarterbacks put on a lot of stinky games.

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03 Oct 2011, 01:38pm by Vince Verhei

NFL.com Coaches' Film Survey

NFL.com has put up a survey concerning the possibility of making complete coaches' film available online. We heartily encourage our readers who want this as badly as we do to fill out that survey, saying you want this option very badly and are willing to pay big-time money for it. If you don't want coaches' film, please lie and say you do. Let's get that ballot box stuffed!

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27 Sep 2011, 06:25pm by Vince Verhei

ESPN AGS: Giants over Eagles

Vince Verhei looks at the problems in the middle of the Eagles defense -- against both the pass and the run.

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27 Sep 2011, 10:12am by Vince Verhei

Week 3 Quick Reads

Can Frank Gore and Chris Johnson rebound after slow starts? Plus, Wes Welker has an all-time great day, Fred Jackson makes his claim for MVP, and Curtis Painter leaves us speechless.

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20 Sep 2011, 04:42pm by Vince Verhei

ESPN AGS: Titans over Ravens

The Titans took care of the Ravens' short passing game and dared Lee Evans to beat them deep. It didn't happen, and we explain what Baltimore needs to do to right the ship. It starts with better health at cornerback.

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20 Sep 2011, 11:38am by Vince Verhei

Week 2 Quick Reads

It’s the chicken-or-egg question of football statistics: Do a wide receiver’s numbers tell us how good that receiver is, or do they tell us more about the quality of that receiver’s quarterback?

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13 Sep 2011, 02:14pm by Vince Verhei

ESPN AGS: Bears over Falcons

The first Any Given Sunday looks at the Falcons' struggles on offense and a surprising star for the Chicago defense.

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13 Sep 2011, 10:02am by Vince Verhei

Week 1 Quick Reads

How good was Tom Brady? How good was Cam Newton? How good were Rodgers and Brees and Stafford and Freeman? How bad was Roethlisberger? How good is it to have football again?

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13 Aug 2011, 12:06pm by Vince Verhei

Four Downs: NFC West

Do the Cardinals have an outside linebacker faster than Joey Porter? Does Seattle have a cornerback worth considering after Marcus Trufant? Did St. Louis find a single wide receiver worth starting this offseason? Are the 49ers in trouble if Frank Gore goes down?

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