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05 Jan 2010, 01:02pm by Vince Verhei

ESPN AGS: Jets over Bengals

Vince Verhei looks at what Sunday night's blowout means for next weekend's playoff rematch between Cincinnati and New York.

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04 Jan 2010, 11:42am by Vince Verhei

Audibles at the Line: Week 17

Week 17 in the NFL: In which many players suffer violent injuries in games that end up meaningless. The FO crew surveys the damage.

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31 Dec 2009, 06:08am by Vince Verhei

The AFC Wild Card Race In Graphic Form

FO reader "gratif1" put together a handy chart showing who the Wild Card teams will be, and in what seed, based on every possible outcome of games this Sunday. (Except ties. If there is a tie this weekend, the postseason is canceled. See you next year.) Print this out and have it with you on Sunday, and scratch out the possibilities as games finish.

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29 Dec 2009, 07:14pm by Vince Verhei

ESPN AGS: Bucs over Saints

Vince Verhei looks at what's gone wrong in New Orleans over the past few weeks. The main problems: opponents have taken away the deep pass, while taking advantage of the Saints' poor run defense.

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29 Dec 2009, 02:35pm by Vince Verhei

Every Week 17 NFC Playoff Scenario

Kevin Seifert at ESPN.com has a handy chart explaining which team will get which playoff seed in the NFC depending on how Week 17 shakes out, and assuming there are no ties.

It's almost guaranteed that the Cardinals and Packers will meet in Week 17 and then have a rematch in the Wild Card round one week later. Less likely, but possible, that the Eagles and Cowboys will do the same.

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28 Dec 2009, 10:00am by Vince Verhei

Audibles at the Line: Week 16

Playoff contenders across the league fall on their faces, and FO is there! Plus: Mike Tanier opens his Christmas presents, and Aaron Schatz hangs out with some famous people.

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23 Dec 2009, 02:29am by Vince Verhei

Browns Put Brady Quinn On IR

Quinn injured his foot late in last week's win over Kansas City.

Note to Eric Mangini: Please, please go with Josh Cribbs at quarterback full-time. It's probably your best chance to win, it's for sure your most entertaining option, and it's not like you're going to be back next year one way or the other.

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22 Dec 2009, 01:15pm by Vince Verhei

ESPN AGS: Panthers Over Vikings

This week's Any Given Sunday covers the Vikings' loss to the Panthers, and whether they're built to play from behind.

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21 Dec 2009, 02:31pm by Vince Verhei

Here's An Injury That Nearly Caused Mora To Snap

As noted in Audibles, Seahawks coach Jim Mora was forced to use 170-pound backup cornerback Kelly Jennings as a long snapper against Tampa Bay yesterday. Mora takes a subtle shot at outgoing general manager Tim Ruskell for not putting a backup long snapper on the team, but that doesn't explain why he was holding tryouts on the sideline -- you've been coaching this team all year and you never had a Plan B for this scenario?

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15 Dec 2009, 02:14pm by Vince Verhei

ESPN AGS: Chargers over Cowboys

This week's Any Given Sunday looks at how the Chargers are winning despite the most unbalanced offense of the DVOA Era. Look for more Chargers DVOA analysis in the main DVOA analysis article later today.

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