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15 Dec 2009, 02:14pm by Vince Verhei

ESPN AGS: Chargers over Cowboys

This week's Any Given Sunday looks at how the Chargers are winning despite the most unbalanced offense of the DVOA Era. Look for more Chargers DVOA analysis in the main DVOA analysis article later today.

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14 Dec 2009, 06:22pm by Vince Verhei

Jake Locker To Return To Washington For Senior Season

Although he may have been the first quarterback taken in next spring's draft, Jake Locker has announced that he will return to the University of Washington for his senior season.

While this will hurt him financially in the short term, it's almost guaranteed to be make him a better player long-term. The track record for underclassman quarterbacks is poor, and Locker is particularly raw, completing only 53.4 percent of his passes at Washington (although this year that number went up to 58.4 percent under Steve Sarkisian).

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08 Dec 2009, 01:18pm by Vince Verhei

ESPN AGS: Cardinals over Vikings

As we discuss in this week's Any Given Sunday, the Cardinals are almost like a lab experiment designed specifically to beat the Minnesota Vikings, and it is very likely that the Vikings will have to face them again in the postseason.

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07 Dec 2009, 11:56am by Vince Verhei

Audibles at the Line: Week 13

Michael Vick burns his old team. Robert Meachem burns the Redskins. Bruce Gradkowski burns the Steelers. Brandon Jacobs burns the Giants. The FO crew throws gasoline on the fire.

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06 Dec 2009, 11:50am by Vince Verhei

Audibles at the Line: NCAA Championships

A special Audibles takes on the SEC and Big 12 Championship games, highlighted by a Florida meltdown and a Boy Named Suh.

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03 Dec 2009, 05:53pm by Vince Verhei

Jake Delhomme Sidelined With Broken Finger


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01 Dec 2009, 01:20pm by Vince Verhei

ESPN AGS: Bills over Dolphins

This week's Any Given Sunday looks at the future of the Dolphins, who desperately need a number one wide receiver and help in the middle of the front seven. Hey, you can't run a whole defense with just two really good strong safeties.

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30 Nov 2009, 10:17am by Vince Verhei

Audibles at the Line: Week 12

The FO crew takes on surprising comebacks in Tennessee and Atlanta, and a not-so-surprising comeback in Houston, and the continued dominance of Darrelle Revis.

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25 Nov 2009, 10:21pm by Vince Verhei

Turkey Goes First In Page 2's Thanksgiving Food Fantasy Draft

First pick was obvious -- actually, first five picks are obvious. I was stunned to see sweet potatoes slip to 11, though, and sweet potato pie fall into the second round. On the other hand, I thought Chinese takeout and chitlins were pretty big reaches.

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24 Nov 2009, 03:26pm by Vince Verhei

ESPN AGS: AFC West over AFC North

This week's Any Given Sunday does double-duty, looking at both the Oakland win over Cincinnati and the Kansas City win over Pittsburgh. Did these games represent the culmination of trends that could cost these teams their playoff spots? The answer will please Bengals fans and disappoint Steelers fans.

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