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10 Sep 2008, 03:59am by Vince Verhei

Seahawks Make Two Bewildering Cuts

Actually, the Seahawks made three cuts, but one seems reasonable: Punter Ryan Plackemeier was cut after a horrible game against Buffalo (including a pair of 22-yard punts, plus being partially responsible for Roscoe Parrish's touchdown return), and Seattle immediately signed Jon Ryan to replace him. Fine.

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08 Sep 2008, 09:09am by Vince Verhei

Audibles At The Line: Week 1

With one of the two best players in the league probably gone for the season, can the FO staff resist the siren call of National Jump to Conclusions Week?

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05 Sep 2008, 05:07pm by Vince Verhei

Jason Peters Ends Holdout

Pro Bowl tackle Jason Peters, who missed all of training camp and the entire preseason while holding out for a new contract, has informed the team that he is ending his holdout. He is unlikely to play in the season opener against Seattle -- who, ironically, saw their own Pro Bowl tackle, Walter Jones, miss all of training camp for several years in a row before signing a long-term contract in 2005. Jones, however, never missed a game due to any of his holdouts.

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05 Sep 2008, 04:16pm by Vince Verhei

Willie Anderson Joins Ravens

Four-time Pro Bowler Willie Anderson, cut by the Bengals last week, has signed with Baltimore. What's most interesting about this is the way he openly buried his old club on the way out the door: "They didn't cut me because I couldn't play. They cut me because I said I didn't want to play there anymore. After 13 years, you get tired of dealing with non-football issues."

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30 Aug 2008, 04:37am by Vince Verhei

Vikings' McKinnie Suspended For First Four Games

Bryant McKinnie was arrested on four charges following a nightclub brawl in February. The suspension is not a surprise, but what took so long? As the Star-Tribune notes, the suspension leaves Artis Hicks at left tackle to square off against "the Packers' Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, the Colts' Dwight Freeney, the Panthers' Julius Peppers and the Titans' Kyle Vanden Bosch. Those four have a total of 225 career sacks."

Note to Tarvaris Jackson: Run!

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30 Aug 2008, 02:39am by Vince Verhei

'Ocho Cinco' Is Now His Legal Last Name

Chad Johnson is dead. Long live Chad Javon Ocho Cinco! This man must never be allowed to retire.

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28 Aug 2008, 04:13pm by Vince Verhei

NFL Reinstates Adam Jones

Adam Jones has been cleared by the NFL to play regular season games. Jones had been allowed to practice with the Cowboys and play in their preseason games, but wasn't eligible for regular season action until now.

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25 Aug 2008, 12:47pm by Vince Verhei

Warren Sapp To Do Dancing With The Stars

Tune in every week to see Warren Sapp boogie with Cloris Leachman, Lance Bass and Kim Kardashian! This may require weekly viewing.

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24 Aug 2008, 06:18pm by Vince Verhei

Falcons Will Start Ryan Over Everyone

Fresh off a 15-for-21 day against Tennessee, Matt Ryan has been named the starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. In that game, Ryan showed efficiency and ball control (no interceptions, no fumbles, only one sack) but little actual production (6.8 yards per completion, for a piddling 4.9 yards per attempt).

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22 Aug 2008, 01:05pm by Vince Verhei

The Bush Debate

A question about Reggie Bush's 40-yard dash time evolved into a passionate argument among the FO staff about Bush's potential. Have we seen all that Bush has to offer, or is there a breakout ahead for the Saints' speedster?

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