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26 Apr 2008, 01:42pm by Vince Verhei

ESPN: Rams to select Chris Long

ESPN's Michael Smith is reporting that the Rams have opted to make Virginia defensive end Chris Long the No. 2 overall selection in the draft. This would be the second year in a row that the Rams have spent a first-round pick on a defensive lineman. (They selected DT/DE Adam Carriker of Nebraska with the No. 13 overall pick last year.) We once again see that the NFL is a copycat league, as teams saw what a dominant four-man rush did for the Giants and try to follow suit.

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25 Mar 2008, 03:22pm by Vince Verhei

Four Downs: AFC South

The Texans shuffle their quarterbacks around, the Colts get ready to tear their house down, the Jaguars welcome some new receivers into their den, and the Titans hope for an extra benefit from their new tight end. It's the post-free agency look at the AFC South in Four Downs!

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21 Mar 2008, 03:42pm by Vince Verhei

Seahawks Lock Up Lofa Tatupu For Six Years

Well, this should pretty much ensure Tatupu's status as a beloved sports figure in the Northwest. Not only does this deal guarantee that he'll spend at least the bulk of his career making plays in front of a rabid Seattle crowd, but as the article points out, he probably left money on the table so the team would have a better chance of signing Leroy Hill and Marcus Trufant to long-term deals.

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13 Mar 2008, 06:38pm by Vince Verhei

White, Smith a Cut Above Today's Great Pass-Rushers

This is a fantastic little bit of game tape analysis by K.C. Joyner, breaking down the strengths and weaknesses of the game's top pass rushers, then comparing them to the top guys of the 1990s. Lost in the bull rushes and rip moves, however, is my favorite pass rush technique, which I saw only used by Bruce Smith, and only one time: He simply leapfrogged the blocker to get into the backfield.

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11 Mar 2008, 04:28pm by Vince Verhei

Cards Guarantee $30 Million To Fitzgerald

The Cardinals and Larry Fitzgerald agreed on a restructured contract, freeing up some badly needed cap space for Arizona and ensuring Fitzgerald would not be released. The basics: Four years, $40 million, $30 million guaranteed, $15 million signing bonus, and $8.8 million in 2008 cap room for the Cardinals.

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29 Feb 2008, 07:08pm by Vince Verhei

Bengals lose Williams, add Rogers, keep Jones

Quite a day for the Bengals defense. They lose Madieu Williams to the Vikings, but A) They were 31st in pass defense DVOA last year, and B) They're probably better off losing him then guaranteeing him $13 million, like Minnesota did. They then traded third- and fifth-round picks to the Lions for defensive tackle Shaun Rogers. At this point I must point out that the Lions finished dead last in defending runs up the middle in 2007.

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21 Feb 2008, 06:38am by Vince Verhei

Trufant, Asomugha, Williams Franchised

Somewhere, Asante Samuel is doing a happy little dance. He's now the top free agent on the market, as the other big-name cornerbacks -- Marcus Trufant of the Seahawks and Nnamdi Asomugha of the Raiders -- were franchised on Wednesday. The going rate for No. 1 corners is now about $10 million per year.

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13 Feb 2008, 04:46pm by Vince Verhei

Four Downs: AFC South

Indianapolis figures out how to keep everyone around, while Tennessee worries that everyone will leave. Jacksonville's quarterback situation is far more secure than it was a year ago, but Houston's may be more in question than you think.

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12 Feb 2008, 02:01pm by Vince Verhei

Great Playoff Runs

The New York Giants had to win three playoff games on the road, then beat a team that was shooting for greatest-ever status in Super Bowl XLII. How does that stack up to the playoff runs of other Super Bowl winners? And how the heck did the best team of Pittsburgh's Steel Curtain era miss the Super Bowl?

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01 Feb 2008, 07:41pm by Vince Verhei

Dhani Jones to Play in Rugby Championship

The day before the Super Bowl, former Giants/Eagles/Saints/Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones will compete for another championship. Jones will play "five or 10 minutes off the bench" for Blackheath rugby club against the Cornish All Blacks for the EDF Energy National Trophy. I know very little about rugby, but this seems to be a much lower level than, say, Australia's State of Origin series. Jones started for the Bengals this year, which doesn't carry a lot of weight around the NFL, but still qualifies him as an elite athlete on a global scale.

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