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23 Oct 2012, 09:48am by Vince Verhei

Week 7 Quick Reads

If the New England Patriots couldn't stop the Jets from burning them deep, how will they be able to stop anyone in the playoffs? Plus, the best passers, runners, and receivers in Week 7.

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16 Oct 2012, 01:02pm by Vince Verhei

ESPN: The Falcons' Potentially Fatal Flaws

Atlanta is 6-0, the last undefeated team, so they must be the best team in the NFL, right? We argue not, as the Falcons are a flawed team that can't run or stop the run, and has won close games over poor opponents.

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16 Oct 2012, 09:15am by Vince Verhei

Week 6 Quick Reads

An early look at charting data shows that the loss of Lardarius Webb is a crushing blow for the Baltimore Ravens. Plus, the best passers, runners, and receivers of Week 6.

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09 Oct 2012, 04:26pm by Vince Verhei

ESPN: 49ers' Golden Ground Game

The San Francisco 49ers have put together an offense that's nearly on par with their dominant defense, and they've done it with an offensive line that is clearing space in the run game to a historic degree.

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09 Oct 2012, 10:04am by Vince Verhei

Week 5 Quick Reads

What does Sunday's comeback win tell us about Andrew Luck, and how do this year's rookie quarterbacks measure up to their predecessors? Plus the best passers, runners, and receivers of Week 5.

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02 Oct 2012, 11:03am by Vince Verhei

ESPN: Struggling Secondary Holding Back Lions

You can blame some offensive problems, you can blame poor special teams, but the real reason Detroit is 1-3 is an awful secondary filled with holes.

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02 Oct 2012, 10:35am by Vince Verhei

Week 4 Quick Reads

Let's all get to know J.J. Watt, the big early favorite for defensive player of the year. Plus, the best passers, runners, and receivers of Week 4.

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25 Sep 2012, 12:57pm by Vince Verhei

ESPN: Steelers D Wilts Without Polamalu

It's rare that you can see the obvious effect of a missing player other than a quarterback, but it is pretty clear when looking at the numbers for the Pittsburgh defense with and without Troy Polamalu since 2008.

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25 Sep 2012, 09:32am by Vince Verhei

Week 3 Quick Reads

An appreciation perhaps the best young wide receiver to hit the league since Randy Moss. Plus, the best and worst passers, runners, and receivers of Week 3. (Replacement ref ranting not included.)

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18 Sep 2012, 12:05pm by Vince Verhei

ESPN: Can Jay Cutler Become Brett Favre?

Um, probably not. But Cutler's numbers are somewhat similar to some other recent quarterbacks who did have postseason success.

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