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12 Dec 2016, 03:53pm by Vincent Verhei

Jeff Fisher Finally Fired

Just 13 games after he signed a two-year contract extension, Jeff Fisher has been fired as head coach of the Los Angeles Rams.

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05 Dec 2016, 10:33pm by Vincent Verhei

Week 13 Quick Reads

Our Quick Reads essay this week includes discussion of the league's best punter. Somebody alert Rich Eisen.

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01 Dec 2016, 03:52pm by Vincent Verhei

Jay Cutler Out After Shoulder Surgery

The Chicago Bears announced today that quarterback Jay Cutler will have surgery on Saturday to repair his torn labrum and go on IR. The news means the end of Cutler's season and, in all likelihood, the end of his career in Chicago.

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01 Dec 2016, 03:29pm by Vincent Verhei

Rob Gronkowski Out After Back Surgery

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will soon be undergoing back surgery, and will miss the rest of the regular season.

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01 Dec 2016, 10:24am by Vincent Verhei

Film Room: Clowney and Beasley

Cian Fahey finds plenty to like in two of the league's most dynamic young edge players -- and room for improvement as well.

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28 Nov 2016, 08:57pm by Vincent Verhei

Week 12 Quick Reads

Dak Prescott is putting together one of the greatest rookie seasons we have ever seen. How many records can he break in the next five weeks?

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14 Nov 2016, 10:38pm by Vincent Verhei

Week 10 Quick Reads

The key to Seattle's defensive excellence this season? No team has been better this year at preventing explosive plays.

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08 Nov 2016, 10:50am by Vincent Verhei

Week 9 Quick Reads

Matt Ryan's big passing plays -- including those to a little-known tight end -- have been a big part of Atlanta's success this year.

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04 Nov 2016, 04:14pm by Vincent Verhei

NFL1000: Ranking the Top 1,000 Players at Midseason

Our old buddy Doug Farrar and his crew (incuding FO's own Cian Fahey reveal the NFL's best players at the season's midpoint.

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31 Oct 2016, 08:57pm by Vincent Verhei

Week 8 Quick Reads

Is Blake Bortles' reputation as the king of garbage time really deserved? Yes. Yes, it is.

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