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24 Oct 2017, 06:52pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 7 DVOA Ratings

Pittsburgh moves on top of our DVOA ratings after Week 7. Surprise teams including the Rams and Jaguars have very strong odds to join the Steelers in the playoffs. On the other end are the Awful Eight, far behind the rest of the league, including one of the worst 4-2 teams ever.

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20 Oct 2017, 12:40pm by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: E-mail Issues

To FO readers: Please note that our server host is having outgoing email issues that we are looking into. In the meantime, please email us directly rather than using the contact form. You can use techsupport@footballoutsiders.com with membership or product purchase issues or mailbag@footballoutsiders.com for other issues. Thank you for your patience, and this message will disappear when the issue is resolved.

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20 Oct 2017, 12:45am by Aaron Schatz

Off The Charts Podcast: October 19

This week on the Off The Charts Podcast, we discuss life in Green Bay after Aaron Rodgers and the unsung defenses of the AFC North. Plus Charles McDonald joins us to preview Sunday night's huge Falcons-Patriots Super Bowl rematch. (Click for audio link.)

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19 Oct 2017, 01:06pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Playoff Chances for Struggling Contenders

Our latest ESPN Insider feature looks at some struggling contenders: what's gone wrong, and what are the chances those teams can rebound and make a playoff run? Regression hit Oakland harder than expected, and it hit the Tampa Bay defense just like we expected. What's happened to Dallas is a little harder to understand.

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17 Oct 2017, 07:14pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 6 DVOA Ratings

The No. 1 Chiefs lost their first game. The No. 30 team is 3-2. The Jaguars have the worst DVOA ever for the top-ranked defense after Week 6. These are among the signs of how strong parity has been so far during the 2017 NFL season.

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12 Oct 2017, 05:35pm by Aaron Schatz

Off The Charts Podcast: October 12

A new episode of the Off The Charts podcast is super NFC-centric. We look at Philadelphia's hot start and Carson Wentz's awesome third-down numbers. Then we've got some shocking numbers about just how many in-game injuries there have been in 2017 compared to 2016, and in-depth previews of this week's most important games: Green Bay at Minnesota and Detroit at New Orleans. (Click for audio link.)

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12 Oct 2017, 05:03pm by Aaron Schatz

Appeals Court Vacates Ezekiel Elliott Injunction

In a 2-1 decision, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has vacated the preliminary injunction of Ezekiel Elliott's suspension. So he's suspended again... except the Cowboys are on bye week, and Elliott will likely appeal this ruling before next week's games. So he's probably not suspended again. Or something.

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10 Oct 2017, 09:32pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 5 DVOA Ratings

Reports of Pittsburgh's death may be exaggerated, but reports of Kansas City's dominance are not. The Chiefs are still No. 1 in DVOA with an early-season 1.5-game conference lead unmatched in recent NFL history.

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06 Oct 2017, 01:56pm by Aaron Schatz

Off The Charts Podcast: October 6

In this week's edition of the Off the Charts podcast, we review some interesting charting stats from the first quarter of the season. Find out which receivers have been best against man and zone, and which cornerbacks have played best in the early going. Plus: breaking down the game of the week, Seahawks at Rams. (Click for audio link.)

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04 Oct 2017, 04:01pm by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: 1993-95 Drive/Pace Stats Added

Our work to add more advanced stats to historical analysis of the NFL continues! As of today, we've added pages with drive stats and pace stats for the 1993, 1994, and 1995 seasons, giving us 1993-2017 in their entirety. Among the interesting tidbits to learn here: the 1993 Buffalo Bills had a faster situation-neutral pace than any offense in the league until Chip Kelly came to the NFL. We'll have to see what it looks like when we eventually add 1990-1992 as well.

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