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18 Nov 2013, 07:49am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: NFL Classified

I have fun "classifying" all 32 teams according to types this week: offensive teams, defensive teams, doubt generators, and so on. Not all of the categories match the numbers precisely, but it makes for some fun comparisons. Follow the link (or Click around Sports on Earth) for my take on the 49ers offense, such as it is.

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15 Nov 2013, 08:11am by Mike Tanier

Tanier's NFL Game Riffs: Week 11

The Magnificent Seven. What have we got for entertainment? 'Phins hugging Dungy on the pavement.

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13 Nov 2013, 08:08am by Mike Tanier

Assignment: Manning

Remember the Blueprint for stopping the 2007 Giants? It has been six years, so I figured I could dust off the blueprint concept without repeating myself. Here is a detailed breakdown of Chiefs defensive tactics that can stop the Broncos.

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11 Nov 2013, 08:08am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: Go Figure

We lead off this week with a "What Just Happened?" roundup, then use the Football Outsiders Playoff Odds report to look at a bunch of sub-.500 teams still in the playoff hunt thanks to the Cowboys-Bengals-Colts axis of division leading foolishness.

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08 Nov 2013, 09:36am by Mike Tanier

Tanier's NFL Game Riffs: Week 10

Questing for humor in these troubled times. Finding Eminem rapping in a little too much detail about the 2012 draft, Andy Dalton the Doubt Vampire, Jaguars self-exams, and of course, Todd Haley.

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04 Nov 2013, 07:25am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: Confidence Game

Winning more and enjoying it less? Welcome to the Seahawks' and Chiefs' world! Stick around to the end for links to my latest Run to Win takedown and a (somewhat) tongue-in-cheek look at five teams that should be out-chipping Chip Kelly.

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01 Nov 2013, 06:33am by Mike Tanier

Tanier's NFL Game Riffs: Week 9

This week: the Ponzi scheme at the heart of Chiefs economics, Tony Gonzalez in an Andy Reid suit, Dallas Cowboys using educational software, a Josh McCown retrospective, and more. Always more.

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30 Oct 2013, 07:06am by Mike Tanier

Grading the Rookie Coaches

Tanier here, doing what I do best: assigning grades in November! There is some good data here about how much no-huddle teams are running and fourth down aggressiveness, plus my usual opinions.

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28 Oct 2013, 06:57am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: Statement Wins

The meatier stuff is later in the article, incluing my own explanation for the uptick in ACL tears. There is also a link to a feature about teams with offensive tackle trouble. I was busy.

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25 Oct 2013, 07:09am by Mike Tanier

Tanier's NFL Game Riffs: Week 8

Stay till the end for an old-fashioned Walkthrough-style Hitchcock tribute.

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