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10 Nov 2005, 05:53pm by Mike Tanier

Week 10 Rundown

In this week's FOXSports.com rundown, Mike Tanier quotes Andre 3000, gets ready for Sunday's Navajo broadcast of the Raiders-Broncos game, and picks the Dolphins to upset the Patriots. Hmmm, in tomorrow's New York Sun your humble editor will point out that Miami's secondary is surprisingly mediocre this year and pick the Patriots. Outsider fight!

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04 Nov 2005, 09:51am by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: Walkin' the Walk

Statistics don't measure everything. Take "swagger," that mysterious, manly saunter that separates winners from losers in professional sports. Mike Tanier tackles the tough swagger questions, scouring game film and historical archives to learn more about how to walk like a champion.

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02 Nov 2005, 06:01pm by Mike Tanier

Week 9 Rundown

Here's the FO rundown on this weekend's games over at FOXSports.com. This week, Mike covers the latest game in the Chiefs-Raiders rivalry, the battle of the bounce back between Washington and Philly, and some game in Massachusetts.

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28 Oct 2005, 11:23am by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: The Bone is Back

Three-back formations are suddenly making a comeback in the NFL. Mike Tanier examines the rise of the inverted wishbone alignment: what it is, where it came from, and why it has become so popular.

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26 Oct 2005, 02:44pm by Mike Tanier

Week 8 Rundown

Here's this week's look at upcoming games from our man Mike Tanier. This week, Mike warns the world about the dangers of "bandwagon leg" and searches for New England's lost swagger.

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20 Oct 2005, 07:07pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: Best of the Bengals

How big is this week's Bengals-Steelers matchup? So big that it's one of the twenty most important games in Bengals history. Mike Tanier ranks the most significant games ever played by the orange-and-black: Super Bowls, freezer bowls, blood feuds with the Browns, and more.

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20 Oct 2005, 03:19pm by Mike Tanier

Week 7 Rundown

Here's our weekly rundown of upcoming games on FOXSports.com. The Giants want to show the world they're for real, the Broncos want to show Football Outsiders they're for real, and the Ravens and Bears just want to figure out if they can play a game with nothing but defensive touchdowns. Plus some thoughts on Steelers-Bengals, and Gordon Lightfoot sings "The Wreck of the Daunte Culpepper."

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13 Oct 2005, 10:11pm by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: Breaking the Tackle Code

Bad defenses produce high tackle totals. Good defenses produce low tackle totals. Mike Tanier examines the inverse relationship between tackle totals and defensive quality and wrestles with the difficulty of creating meaningful statistics for defensive players.

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12 Oct 2005, 01:45pm by Mike Tanier

Week 6 Rundown

Here's our weekly rundown of upcoming games on FOXSports.com. This week, find out why Joe Gibbs has already lost in Kansas City and why the Broncos seemed more like the Patriots last week than the Patriots did.

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07 Oct 2005, 10:24am by Mike Tanier

Too Deep Zone: 5th-and-40

You have to cover a lot of ground when you drop into The Zone. This week, Mike Tanier tackles some third-and-forever situations, sets the record straight about the Steelers clock malfunction, reminisces about some major officiating blunders, and visits (figuratively) some Seattle strip clubs.

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