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27 Jan 2005, 01:30am by Mike Tanier

Adaptation, or Surviving Super Bowl Hype

We told Michael Tanier that we would add him to the official Football Outsiders staff if he could come up with a unique angle on this year's big game. Can one solitary Eagles fan make it through two weeks of non-stop Super Bowl hype without either going insane or getting nominated for the Academy Award for best adapted screenplay?

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11 Jan 2005, 03:02am by Mike Tanier

Rest Stopped: The 1996 Denver Broncos

They clinched home field advantage with weeks to spare. But when an offensive superstar was hurt in the clinching game, coaches had to decide whether to bench regulars and risk losing their competitive edge, or let the starters play in the waning weeks and risk injury. Do the 1996 Denver Broncos foretell playoff failure for the 2004 Philadelphia Eagles? Michael Tanier revisits those long ago days when John Elway was just a guy with great stats who couldn't win the big one.

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22 Dec 2004, 11:01pm by Mike Tanier

Marino vs. Manning

There's a lot of talk out there about the Peyton Manning breaking the passing touchdown record, but very little talk about how Dan Marino set it. Michael Tanier compares the two seasons to find out if Manning is guilty of padding his stats -- or if Marino was guilty of padding his. Or neither.

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07 Dec 2004, 04:47pm by Mike Tanier

Skin of the Teeth: The Worst Playoff Teams Ever

The term "playoff race" is a bit of a misnomer when every team in the NFC seems to be running away from the playoffs. We could have two 8-8 teams in the playoffs this season, maybe even a 7-9 team. Michael Tanier looks at the worst teams to ever make the postseason, and what the histories of those teams say about the feeble NFC playoff contenders of 2004.

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