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24 Nov 2015, 04:17pm by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: Crazy College Football Upsets of the Year

We ran the numbers based on our drive-based FEI ratings and count down the top 10 hard-to-believe college football upsets of the season to date.

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23 Nov 2015, 01:53pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: The End of the Repeat Bid

Ohio State's bid for a repeat College Football Playoff championship likely ended with the offense's woes in Columbus.

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20 Nov 2015, 04:05pm by Bill Connelly

VN: The Numbers Are on to You (or Not)

Which college football teams have the numbers figured out, and which ones seem to have moved far beyond what the numbers are suggesting? Bill Connelly takes a look.

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19 Nov 2015, 05:54pm by Chad Peltier

SDA: Conference Survival

The playoff field has narrowed and others are fighting for survival in their conference races. Can Ohio State pick up a signature win over Michigan State or will Baylor hand Oklahoma State their first loss?

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18 Nov 2015, 03:51pm by Brian Fremeau

FEI Week 11: Turnover-Neutral Fantasyland

What impact have turnovers had on the college football season? And what if they all went away?

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16 Nov 2015, 03:41pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: The Field Narrows

With Stanford and Baylor losing, the playoff field continues to narrow to a group of college football's blue bloods.

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15 Nov 2015, 08:32pm by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: 15 Undefeated or 1-Loss Teams Left

Counting down the likelihood that the five remaining undefeated teams and the 10 remaining 1-loss teams can win the rest of their games and stay in the playoff picture.

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14 Nov 2015, 07:59am by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: College Football's Best Wins Of The Year

How well did a given team play on its best day, and which teams have had the best opponent-adjusted victories of the season? Our countdown of the best wins of the season to date in college football feature a number of teams getting a boost from the playoff selection committee.

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13 Nov 2015, 02:42pm by Bill Connelly

VN: Fun with QB Radars

Bill Connelly looks at what radar charts can tell us about college quarterbacks such as Jared Goff and Trevone Boykin.

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12 Nov 2015, 06:00pm by Chad Peltier

SDA: Body Blows Out West

Most of the action is out west this week, whether the literal west in Oregon-Stanford or just in the SEC West with Alabama-Mississippi State and LSU-Arkansas.

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11 Nov 2015, 12:04am by Brian Fremeau

FEI Week 10: Sparty No

Michigan State's controversial loss to Nebraska was unusual not only in the controversial nature of the Cornhuskers' winning score, but in that the Spartans were ever in danger of losing at all.

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09 Nov 2015, 11:26pm by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: Six Undefeated Teams Left

This week's rundown not only includes the likelihood each team will win the rest of its regular-season games, but also the likelihood the relevant contenders would win a conference championship game after running the table. Clemson is on cruise control, but everyone else has work to do.

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