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04 Aug 2016, 11:21am by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: In-Season Improvement and Regression

It is rare for any team to consistently improve week in and week out, but we can compare performances from the beginning of the year with those at the end to see which college football teams improved and which ones regressed in 2015.

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03 May 2016, 03:23pm by Sterling Xie

2016 NFL Draft Report Card Report

The annual FO tradition returns for the 13th straight draft! The Jaguars repeat as the champions of April, while nobody is impressed with Carolina's draft weekend decisions.

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02 May 2016, 01:06pm by Tom Gower

Covering the 2016 Draft

FO's Tom Gower checks in from Chicago with a first-person account of what it's like to cover the NFL draft on the scene.

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06 Apr 2016, 09:55am by Tom Gower

2010 NFL Draft: Six Years Later

The 2010 draft was loaded with talent at tight end, defensive line, and in the secondary. Quarterback? Running back? Not so much.

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15 Jan 2016, 02:27pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: A Couple of Goodbyes

Bill Connelly says goodbye to the 2015 college football season ... and says goodbye to Varsity Numbers.

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13 Jan 2016, 12:03pm by Brian Fremeau

FEI Final: Alabama Again

The national championship game will long be remembered for the flurry of scores over the final ten minutes, but two key stops by Alabama before that flurry began were just as crucial.

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12 Jan 2016, 04:55pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: Another Alabama Championship

In one of the most exciting college championships since Texas-USC, Alabama defeated Clemson thanks to special teams and explosive plays.

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10 Jan 2016, 04:08pm by Chad Peltier

SDA: The Best Possible Championship

This is the best possible championship game we could have gotten, with Alabama and Clemson as the two top teams with nearly equal top-end talent. But does Clemson have enough depth to get the win?

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08 Jan 2016, 11:05am by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: Key Stat to Decide the National Title

Alabama and Clemson are the two best defenses in forcing opponent three-and-outs (or worse). What impact will this defensive statistical matchup have on the outcome of the game?

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06 Jan 2016, 11:43am by Brian Fremeau

FEI: Bowl Blowouts

Brian Fremeau explores a new method of visualizing the savage beatdowns that Alabama and Clemson administered to Michigan State and Oklahoma.

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02 Jan 2016, 03:32pm by Chad Peltier

OFI: Bowl Season Blowouts

All of the New Year's Six bowl games were blowouts decided by an average 24-point margin, and Clemson and Alabama, the nation's two best teams, advanced to the playoff final.

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01 Jan 2016, 11:14am by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: UM & UF Enjoy Early Success

Based on recent history, the best indicator of future success has as much to do with the state of the program the coach inherited as it does in his winning percentage out of the gate.

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