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11 Mar 2011, 06:07pm by Bill Connelly

Introducing... Football Study Hall

The good folks at SB Nation have given Bill Connelly a site to create a college football advanced stats community under their umbrella. The goal for the site is simple: to supplement the work done over here at FO and pull in some new converts.

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11 Mar 2011, 04:04pm by Bill Connelly

Four Auburn Players Arrested, Kicked Off Team

The stupid season has started, and basketball season isn't even over yet. But hey ... congrats to Auburn for continuously finding creative ways to stay in the headlines.

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08 Mar 2011, 10:27pm by Brian Fremeau

Jim Tressel Suspended, Fined By Ohio State

Tressel's failure to disclose information he knew about Tat-gate has landed him a two-game suspension and fine levied by Ohio State.

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17 Jan 2011, 03:58pm by Bill Connelly

Mark Cuban Proposes, Basically, a College Football BracketBuster

In his latest post about college football, Mark Cuban has a new proposal in light of the resistance to an overall playoff.

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13 Jan 2011, 10:31pm by Bill Connelly

Cam Newton Declares for NFL Draft

A surprise to absolutely no one.

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11 Jan 2011, 06:43pm by Doug Farrar

50 Days Away, Lockout Looms Larger Than Ever

This was a quick Yahoo! blog post on an NFLPA conference call I participated in today. Wanted to share it with the folks here because there are some new and interesting things about a potential lockout, and what the ramifications may be.

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11 Jan 2011, 05:37pm by Brian Fremeau

Michigan Hires Brady Hoke

The Michigan Wolverines have found their replacement for Rich Rodriguez in former San Diego State head coach Brady Hoke.

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10 Jan 2011, 09:23am by Bill Connelly

NPR: African-American College Football Coaches

NPR's Mike Pesca took on the subject of African-American coaches at the FBS level of college football this weekend, talking both about their opportunities and lack of major success. FO's Bill Connelly makes a short cameo.

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23 Dec 2010, 06:37pm by David Gardner

Pryor Suspended To Start Next Season

Pryor and four other teammates are on suspension for selling memorabilia.

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21 Dec 2010, 11:14pm by David Gardner

Chip Kelly Named AP Coach of the Year

After just two years on the job, Chip Kelly has taken his team to the brink of a national title. He's also earned AP Coach of the Year Honors. Kelly received 24 of the 55 votes. Auburn's Gene Chizik was a close second with 17.

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