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19 Sep 2010, 01:25pm by Brian Fremeau

MSU's Dantonio Recovering From Heart Attack

Early Sunday morning following Michigan State's thrilling overtime victory over Notre Dame, Spartans' head coach Mark Dantonio suffered a heart attack and underwent an emergency cardiac catheterization procedure. He is expected to make a full recovery. Dantonio will remain hospitalized for several days and will be out indefinitely. Offensive coordinator Don Treadwill has assumed the interim head coach responsibilities in his absence.

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14 Sep 2010, 06:11pm by Bill Connelly

Reggie Bush Forfeits 2005 Heisman Trophy

Reggie Bush released a statement announcing that he has forfeited the 2005 Heisman Trophy due to "allegations dating back to my years at USC."

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04 Sep 2010, 08:34pm by David Gardner

Rob Weintraub and Dave Gardner at LSU-UNC

Updates from Weintraub and Gardner live in Atlanta.

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31 Aug 2010, 03:35pm by Bill Connelly

Mark Ingram Undergoes Minor Knee Surgery

Defending that Heisman just got a little more difficult. Mark Ingram already had a tough road to hoe in that regard, what with Trent Richardson breathing down his neck, the Alabama passing game likely improving (and therefore eating up larger chunks of yardage) and the inexperienced Alabama defense likely giving up longer drives here and there. Now he will be missing at least one game to boot. Ingram underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left knee this morning and will miss, at the very least, the free opportunity for yardage known as San Jose State.

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18 Aug 2010, 08:04pm by Bill Connelly

Fresno State Accepts Mountain West Invitation, Nevada Likely to Follow

Fresno State and (maybe) Nevada to the Mountain West. What next?

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18 Aug 2010, 09:56am by Bill Connelly

BYU Potentially Going Independent

BYU might be going independent. What does it mean? (Click to read more.)

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10 Aug 2010, 01:59pm by Bill Connelly

Can The West Coast Offense Be Taught Anywhere Besides The NFL?

Very interesting stuff from Smart Football's Chris Brown.

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27 Jul 2010, 12:31pm by Bill Connelly

Big Ten Might Pick Big Apple

Take this for precisely what it is worth (it is a random weekend link from the New York Post, after all, albeit one that uses real quotes from Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany), but when Big Ten media days kick up next week, there is a very good chance that Big Ten expansion will once again be the topic at hand. Jim Delany is still apparently yearning for entry into the northeastern corridor of the country.

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20 Jul 2010, 01:02pm by Bill Connelly

FOA MEDIA: Interview With Lawrence Journal-World

Bill Connelly sat down for a podcast about the 2010 Football Outsiders Almanac with Jesse Newell of the Lawrence Journal-World, as well as a couple of SB Nation blogs (Double-T Nation and BC Interruption).

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19 Jul 2010, 12:12pm by Brian Fremeau

FOA MEDIA: Interview With Clashmore Mike

We sat down with the Notre Dame blog Clashmore Mike to answer a few questions about our projections for the Fighting Irish and other teams around the nation.

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