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21 Jun 2010, 03:53pm by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: New All-College Homepage

Football Outsiders announces the debut of our new College Football Outsiders homepage, giving college football fans a place to find the latest FO college football content.

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16 Jun 2010, 04:50pm by Bill Connelly

Pac-10 Invites University Of Utah To Become Twelfth Member

Needless to say, the odds are very good that the Utes will accept the offer. Assuming the Big Ten is done for now (it will almost certainly be a few months before they decide whether to make another move or not), that leaves our conference realignment scorecard as follows...

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14 Jun 2010, 08:28pm by Brian Fremeau

Texas Declines Pac-10 Invitation; Big 12 Survives

The reign of superconferences will have to hold off for a little bit longer. In the last 24 hours, the impending implosion of the Big 12 was unexpectedly defused. The Texas Longhorns aren't going anywhere, and all indications suggest Texas A&M is staying put as well. Fox Sports has reportedly offered a richer TV rights package to the 10-member Big 12 than anyone had anticipated (or fathomed). Texas will take home most of those spoils, but everyone else in the conference -- especially the Big 12 northerners who stood to lose most in the Pac-16 scenario -- have to be satisfied as well.

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11 Jun 2010, 03:40pm by Brian Fremeau

Nebraska On Its Way To Big Ten

The great Conference Crisis of 2010 is really hitting its stride now. Nebraska's Board of Regents confirms that the Cornhuskers are officially severing ties with the Big 12 and will apply for Big Ten membership. That application is expected to be a mere formality and does not require a personal essay or standardized test scores. Nebraska does expect to receive the big envelope -- a projected $10 million boost in annual revenue for athletics. Nebraska hopes to accelerate the transition and begin conference play in 2011.

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11 Jun 2010, 02:45pm by Brian Fremeau

Boise State To Join The Mountain West

For what may turn out to be only a very brief moment in history, the Mountain West conference now has ten members. Boise State will leave the WAC to join TCU, Utah, BYU, and others.

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10 Jun 2010, 12:10am by Aaron Schatz

USC Sanctioned, Loses Scholarships, Postseason Ban

Man, the college football news is coming fast and furious these last couple days. Tomorrow the NCAA will announce sanctions on USC that include a two-year ban on bowl appearances, a reduction in scholarships, and forfeiture of some wins from the 2004 season. Boy, Pete Carroll got out just in time, huh? I bet he had no idea this was coming. Heh.

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09 Jun 2010, 08:18pm by David Gardner

Nebraska Could Be First Blow To Big 12

The eventual downfall of the Big 12 could begin this week with Nebraska.

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08 Jun 2010, 06:56pm by Bill Connelly

Big 12 Conference On Life Support

We've been conspicuously low on the conference realignment talk around here; part of me wants to apologize for that, another part says, "You're welcome." Quite frankly, it's been an exhausting couple of days. The above link from Dr. Saturday is probably the most comprehensive survey of where things stand at the moment.

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06 Mar 2010, 04:02pm by Brian Fremeau

Associated Press Top 25 Connectivity Update

Supplementing the infographic published earlier in the week, Brian Fremeau provides a table detailing the frequency decline of top games in college football over the last 20 years.

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02 Mar 2010, 04:31pm by Brian Fremeau

Infographic: Declining Frequency of Top 25 Games in College Football

The conference expansion boom over the last 20 years eliminated all but a few independents in college football. Along with the rise of FBS vs. FCS games, it also had an impact on the frequency of games between top teams.

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