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08 Sep 2009

14 Team PPR Draft Result

Hello... I am in a 14 team league that features PPR scoring along with 6 points per passing TD as well as 10-point 100-yard bonuses for WRs and RBs and 10-point 300-yard bonuses for QBs. The roster format is QB RB WR WR RB/WR RB/WR TE K DEF I had the 7th overall selection and my team ended up as follows:

1. RB Steven Jackson
2. WR Marques Colston
3. WR Dwayne Bowe
4. WR Anthony Gonzalez
5. RB Felix Jones
6. RB Darren McFadden
7. QB Matt Hasselbeck
8. TE Dustin Keller
9. QB Matt Cassel
10. RB LeSean McCoy
11. WR Earl Bennett
12. TE Tony Scheffler
13. WR Patrick Crayton
14. DEF Seattle
15. K Adam Vinatieri
16. WR Chaz Schilens

I probably reached on Colston, but Jennings was gone at that point and I knew I would get Gonzalez later so I didn't really want both him and Reggie Wayne. I originally planned to take Philip Rivers in the 3rd but Bowe fell to me and I felt I had to take him. I really like my top 3 WRs, as does KUBIAK, so I'm happy. Felix Jones is not the optimal #2 RB but I think the chances of both he and McFadden both not emerging this season are fairly low. McCoy should be good for a couple starts at least when Westbrook invariably goes down... I'll take that. Crayton is the #2 WR in Dallas so I can't say he's a bad option for a desperation start if guys are down in front of him. I didn't know we had 16 rounds but we did so I took K and DEF early then went for Chaz Schilens in the 16th.


Posted by: Key19 on 08 Sep 2009

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Re: 14 Team PPR Draft Result
by kyclef :: Wed, 09/09/2009 - 1:29pm

RB is the only position that seems a little sketchy. WR looks great. curious where Donnie Avery went in your draft.

Re: 14 Team PPR Draft Result
by Key19 :: Wed, 09/09/2009 - 10:40pm

Donnie Avery went one pick before my 6th round selection of Darren McFadden, as did Santonio Holmes. I was thinking all three would be there and would have a tough choice, but in the end the choice was made for me.

Re: 14 Team PPR Draft Result
by robi0420 :: Sat, 08/07/2010 - 4:42pm

Why did you base your 2nd round pick on who you planned to take in the 4th? Shouldn't you have picked who you wanted in the 2nd round and based your 4th round pick on it.

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