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13 Jul 2012

1991 Team Efficiency data.

I keep hearing that the guys have the 1991 DVOA data. Does anyone know when it will be posted to the site? I think 1991 is a fascinating year for many reasons:

It would be interesting to see just how great the '91 Redskins were, how great a defense the '91 Eagles were, and if the '91 49ers would usurp the 2004 Bills as the best team to miss the playoffs.

Also, a personal interest to me as a Lions fan would be if the 1991 team would be the worst 12-4 team in the DVOA era. Although 15 year old me was very excited about that team at the time, I suspect that their DVOA will end up pretty low, if you look at their pythogorean wins, their roster at the time, and how they racked up wins against bad to mediocre teams and then got crushed when they faced the Skins (once in week 1, and then again in NFCG) and Niners.

Posted by: ErikKramer1GameWonder on 13 Jul 2012

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Re: 1991 Team Efficiency data.
by Tom Gower :: Mon, 07/16/2012 - 1:36am

Aaron's noted it should be up Monday, July 16.

Since I'm not sure if all the stats pages will be updated tomorrow, I'll note that in the new version of DVOA I have, the 2004 Bills' rating goes up slightly, from 31.2 to 31.3.

Also, unless I'm missing something or a further update, two of the three worst 12-4 teams of the new DVOA era played in 1991.

Re: 1991 Team Efficiency data.
by tuluse :: Mon, 07/16/2012 - 11:09am

Are you guys going to do an article about the biggest changes between old and new DVOA?

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